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Announcing improvements to AusIMM's PD Logbook

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The Chartered Professional Program Committee (CPPC) are pleased to announce that some improvements have been made to the online PD Logbook.

These improvements will provide clarity with the CP Regulations and assist all users of the logbook, particularly those who are applying to become a CP and those being audited.

What has changed?

1. There are now three calendar views which can be toggled

‘Current’ shows PD totals for the current and previous two calendar years. This allows CPs to manage their PD in the current audit period.

‘Audit’ shows PD totals for the previous three calendar years. This allows CPs to manage their PD in the previous audit period.

‘Rolling’ is a specific view for those applying to be a CP. It shows the previous 3 years of PD back from the current date. This is the PD period which will be reviewed when the applicant submits their application.

2. Clearly identifying capped hours

A number of PD categories have capped hours and when the capped number is exceeded, a red box will now appear around that category in the logbook. It is no problem to exceed the number of hours in a category; however, the member needs to be aware that the exceeded hours will not be included in the total required for CP.

3. Improved clarity with new activity descriptions

Activity description now includes the details of each category from the Regulations, which saves members having to revert to the Regulations when filling this section in.

Other updates: sort function, risk training and ethics

Two other small changes include that the logbook sort function now shows ‘Most recently completed’ to highlight that PD is only counted on the date it is completed. 

For RPEQ and RPEV applicants/auditees, risk training and ethics PD should now be captured under the ‘Other’ category in the logbook.

For any questions with these logbook changes, please direct them to

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