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Inform AusIMM advocacy on global mining standards

Harry Turner
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As the Trusted Voice for people in resources, AusIMM sets the bar for our sector.

We promote the highest professional and ethical standards of our members, across all areas of practice, and in this way, provide leadership for the industry on a global stage.

As leaders for the sector, AusIMM works with our kindred bodies not only in the Australasian region but across the world. This includes the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), with whom we have a long-standing and productive relationship.

International Standard for Mining Engineers

AusIMM is supporting IOM3 in its consultation on the establishment of a new global competence framework for mining engineers, which has the working title ISME (International Standard for Mining Engineers).

The framework proposes to deal with four broad areas of competence - ethics, safety, environment and financial planning - and articulate specific standards in respect of each.

IOM3 propose to align the framework with national standard and certification systems, to avoid duplication and ensure clarity for professionals within their primary operational jurisdiction.

Your voice on the International Standards

The breadth and depth of our members' expertise is what enables AusIMM to speak as the Trusted Voice in resources.

AusIMM invites all members to learn more about the ISME proposal by reviewing the proposal and considering the questions posed by IOM3 in the Consultation Questions document.

To join your peers in contributing to AusIMM's shared leadership for the sector, we encourage you to provide your feedback and responses to the IOM3 questions to us by 26 February 2021.

You may forward your feedback and responses to the Policy team via

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