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Information for members: updates to AusIMM General Regulations

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Members are advised that the AusIMM Board has approved updates to regulation 9.b and regulation 12.b of the AusIMM General Regulations. As per Clause 25 of AusIMM’s Royal Charter and By-laws any changes to the regulations must be approved by the Board.

These changes are in-line with modern membership association practices, providing streamlined administration processes and ensuring the integrity and standing of AusIMM membership.

Regulation 9.b

AusIMM Fellows are leaders in the resources sector, distinguished for their continuous contribution to industry along with their leadership and expertise.

As the highest grade of AusIMM membership, it is imperative the integrity and standing of our Fellow grade is maintained through a robust application process. To ensure that Fellows meet the requirement of relevant industry experience (10 years) plus demonstrated leadership experience, the AusIMM Board has approved the following update to regulation 9.b.

The new wording (shared below) is more specific in determining that Fellows should have at least five years at ‘senior management or executive level’ rather than the previous and more vague term ‘senior responsibility.’

The updated wording for clause 9.b is as follows:

Applicants for the grade of Fellow must meet the requirements for the grade of Member and either: have at least ten years of professional experience, at least five years of which have been at senior management or executive level; or have held a position of senior responsibility for a period of at least 15 years during which time they have achieved distinction through personal contribution to science or industry.

Regulation 12.b

In line with becoming a more modern organisation providing world-class professional development to members all over the world, AusIMM has updated its membership subscription for new members from a calendar-based membership to a 12-month subscription from the time of joining.

For example, for new members joining in April 2022, their membership is now valid until April 2023. With the previous calendar-based model their membership would have been valid until 31 December 2022.

Please note that this applies only to new members who have joined AusIMM from January 2021; there are no changes to existing membership subscriptions; for existing members who joined prior to this date renewals will still occur at the end of each year.

The updated wording for clause 12.b is as follows:

A membership subscription is valid for 12 months from time of joining.

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