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Meet the recipient for the 2023 Epiroc Women in Mining Scholarship

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We are proud to announce this year’s recipient for the Epiroc Women in Mining Scholarship is Jasmine Gill.

Jasmine Gill SAusIMM, Epiroc Women in Mining recipient 2023
Jasmine Gill SAusIMM with AusIMM's President, Nicole Brooke FAusIMM. AusIMM's 130th Awards Night
Jasmine Gill accepting her Award from Mark Noppe FAusIMM(CP), 2024-2026 AusIMM Board Director. AusIMM's 130th Awards Night, Melbourne 2023
Jasmine Gill SAusIMM accepting award. AusIMM's 130th Awards Night, Melbourne October 2023
Jasmine Gill at AusIMM's 130th Awards Night, Melbourne

Jasmine is a third year Industrial and Systems Engineering student studying at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and an AusIMM Student Member.

She first developed a deep fascination for the mining industry when she lived in Karratha, a city in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, for several years of her childhood.

During high school Jasmine developed an affinity for mathematcis and physics, which led her to persue studies in engineering.

After completing her first year of engineering, she found she was particularly passionate about the optimisation of systems; specifically creating efficient manufacturing lines, regarding finances, reducing waste whilst still producing a quality output. This passion led her to the specialty of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Halfway through her degree she began an engineering support role at Metzke Engineering, a company which designs, manufactures, and supplies drilling equipment for the mining industry.

Jasmine is looking forward to learning more about sustainability in the mining industry through her engagements with AusIMM and Epiroc, and becoming the 2024 Women in Mining Ambassador. 

Congratulations Jasmine Gill, we are thrilled to have you as our 2023 Epiroc Women in Mining scholarshop recipient and look forward to seeing you succeed in your mining career and become a leader of change.

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