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Six top tips to get the most out of networking at AusIMM conferences

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AusIMM conferences are a fantastic opportunity to build professional relationships with like-minded mining industry professionals, experts, and key decision makers.

Whether you are in a senior role, have spent several years within the same company or venturing out as a new graduate, networking at industry events can create new connections and strengthen existing professional relationships with peers and colleagues.

Here are six top tips for networking so you can tap into a gold mine of opportunities.


1. Be an early bird

Make sure you arrive to the conference, session or presentation early. Being early allows you more time to network with others, and lets you map out or position yourself at a particular table or booth. Being early can also help make a great first impression as someone who is eager to be part of the action.

2. Say my name

AusIMM provides lanyards with name badges at every conference or event. It is important to always approach someone with your name clearly displayed to allow for a smoother introduction. It’s also worthwhile clocking the name of the person you are networking with to build a better connection from the get go!

3. Digital details

Business cards are still relevant and a great tool for exchange with a new contact; however, it is also a great idea to exchange information digitally. Have your professional contact details ready to share on your mobile device via AirDrop or a similar service, so you can easily pass on your details. People spend a huge amount of time on their phones, so a quick phone-to-phone exchange can be more effective than a business card that gets lost in someone’s wallet or handbag.

4. Get specific

It’s important to have a relevant and engaging elevator pitch ready to go. This isn’t the pitch to ‘sell, sell, sell’, but to be specific about why you are attending the conference and what you are looking to get out of the conference. These questions can lead to a more relevant and memorable networking experience. It is also a good idea to ask new contacts similar questions.

5. Use context to get chatting

Approaching someone cold is always tricky, but if you can generate enough context, the opening line will be smooth sailing. If you find yourself in a queue (for example at the coffee cart), introduce yourself to the people in front or behind you while you’re waiting. When entering the theatre for a keynote presentation, your context is the common ground of you both attending the same session.

6. Connect online

Our hybrid conferences offer the full AusIMM conference experience online. Delegates from around the world get involved in live Q&A sessions, and can interact with speakers and start up conversations via our live chat feature. In particular, look for ways to add value in the group chat to help you stand out from the crowd and showcase your approachability to other attendees.

If you found these tips useful and are looking for more networking opportunities, why not consider attending our next conference, Life of Mine Conference in Brisbane or online.

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