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Queensland Board of Examiners – AusIMM call for nominations

Harry Turner
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The Queensland Government is currently seeking expressions of interest from individuals to perform a vital role as Members of the Queensland Board of Examiners.  

The Board of Examiners is established under Queensland’s mining safety and health legislation, and is responsible for setting exams and issuing certificates of competency to people seeking to work in key statutory mining positions.

The functions of the Board include:

  • deciding the competencies necessary for holders of statutory certificates of competency and notices
  • assessing applicants assessed for there certificates and notices
  • granting certificates and notices.

The Board’s activities contribute to ensuring the safety and health of people working in the resources sector, ensuring only qualified and competent people are entrusted to occupy key statutory mining roles. This reflects AusIMM’s commitment to improving health and safety within the sector, and ensuring a risk-responsive approach to mining across all disciplines and technical fields.

AusIMM encourage individuals who have at least 10 years practical experience in the mining industry and hold a Certificate of Competency under the relevant legislation to express their interest in appointment to fill vacancies on the Board for three-year terms.

AusIMM join the Queensland Government in encouraging nominations from a wide range of Queensland members, in line our commitment to advancing diversity within the resources sector.

Individuals may apply by lodging their CV and a two-page cover letter with Resources Safety and Health Queensland by 11 March 2021, and can do so by direct email to

For more information on the position visit

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