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Update from the President and CEO - September 2021

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Dear members,

We are incredibly proud of AusIMM’s global community of mining professionals. Our organisation represents the people who are shaping the future of our industry, and leading economic recovery during a time of global disruption.

Despite the obvious challenges, the strength of the mining industry is clear. In Australia, exploration spending is at an eight-year high and export earnings are forecast to be a record $310 billion. Global demand for our commodities is being driven by the need for metals and minerals that are essential for modern infrastructure and technology.

Against this backdrop, supporting our members with high-quality professional development is our top priority. Alongside our world-class hybrid conferences, we have expanded our online courses, with nine now on offer and another three in development. We continue to find new ways to engage with our members internationally, and welcomed 400 people to our first ever International Webinar Series in August. Our 2021 national Mentoring Program is also in full swing, with participants providing strong feedback that the online program meets or exceeds their expectations.

We are also growing our reach and welcoming an increasing number of people into our professional community. In August alone, a record number of 216 new members joined AusIMM. Alongside this growth, we have a strong foundation of existing members who are the backbone of our organisation and represent AusIMM all over the world.

As we build our content offering and expand our community, we continue to take a leading position on relevant local and global issues. Working with the South West WA Branch, we developed and launched our Lithium Policy Paper last week. This collaboration is a great example of how we are tapping into our members’ localised expertise to position AusIMM as the trusted voice for all people in resources.

We have also launched our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a key step on our journey to build unity and respect between First Nations peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. We thank our many members (including from our Social and Environment Society) who have played a role in the formation of this RAP.

As your professional home, we are here to help progress your career. If you would like further information on any initiatives, or need support in any way, please contact our team at, or reach out to us via our email addresses below.

Stay safe and well.


Dave Clark FAusIMM(CP), AusIMM President,
Stephen Durkin FAusIMM, AusIMM CEO,

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