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A jam-packed program | Uranium 2021

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AusIMM’s International Uranium Digital Conference 2021 is just around the corner – this August in fact! Uranium 2021 is a purely online conference, jam packed with world class professional development opportunities detailed in the full conference program now available on the website.  

Over two weeks in August, delegates will learn more about the current state and turnaround of the global uranium industry, spanning new operations, global exploration, market and economics, and investment. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch live and on-demand technical presentations, interact with experts during the live Q&A and panel discussions, connect with global attendees and see the latest products and services from a range of organisations. 

The full conference program is divided into sessions across the two weeks, showcasing insights from some of the world’s most knowledgeable uranium and nuclear experts:   

SESSION 1: Operations and New Projects, with presentations from Mark Maley, Senior Hydrometallurgist, ANSTO Minerals and Leigh Curyer, President, CEO & Director, NexGen Energy. 

SESSION 2: Global Exploration, with presentations from Robert Lightfoot, Senior Geologist, Alligator Energy, Andy Wilde, FAIG, RPGeo, FAusIMM, PhD, Exploration Manager, 92 Energy Ltd and Andy Charmichael Senior Geologist, Isoenergy Ltd, plus others. 

SESSION 3: Nuclear Growth and Green Energy, with presentations from Jacopo Buongiorno, TEPCO Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lenka Kollar, Co-founder, Helixos and Daniel B Poneman, President and CEO, Centrus Energy Corp. 

SESSION 4: Uranium Market and Economics, with presentations from Nicolas Carter, UxC, LLC and Patrick Plummer, Mining Geologist, TradeTech LLC. 

SESSION 5: Investment, with presentations from Dave Talbot, Managing Director and Head of Research, Red Cloud Securities Inc. and Andrew Weekly, Founder and CEO, SmithWeekly Research. 

View the full program >

If you miss any of the presentations or panel discussions these will be recorded and available to watch on-demand during the conference or after the event concludes with lifetime access. 

Don’t miss out! There’s never been a better time to hear from some of the world’s most knowledgeable uranium and nuclear experts on the current state and turnaround of the global uranium industry.  

Register now for Uranium 2021

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