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Your AusIMM Board in 2022

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AusIMM is pleased to announce its Board for 2022.

Incumbent President Dave Clark FAusIMM(CP) has been re-elected as President, and AusIMM members have elected three Directors to the AusIMM Board for 2022-2024.

Katrina Crook MAusIMM(CP) and Rene Sterk FAusIMM(CP) have been re-elected for second terms, while Amy Lamb MAusIMM(CP) has been elected for her first term on the Board.

Directors play an integral role in the ongoing success of AusIMM. Our Board provides leadership for our global community of members, helps shape AusIMM’s strategic direction, and works with our Communities of Interest and AusIMM Management Team to build a modern, inclusive organisation that represents and supports our members and inspires the next generation of resources professionals.

A field of nine high-calibre candidates participated in this year’s election. The AusIMM Board would like to thank all nine candidates who nominated for the election and demonstrated their willingness to contribute to AusIMM.

The election results were witnessed and verified by independent scrutineers; and it was determined that the outcome for the 2022-2024 election was valid and that the three Directors were properly and lawfully elected.

The Board would like to sincerely thank outgoing Board Directors Ivy Chen (2019-2021) and Immediate Past President Janine Herzig (2013-2021) for their significant dedication and contribution to the AusIMM.

Appreciation is also extended to members for participating in the election (with the percentage of members voting substantially higher than recent years) and helping to elect a diverse and dynamic Board.

Re-elected President Dave Clark said: “On behalf of the Board, congratulations to the elected Directors and we look forward to working together on delivering AusIMM’s strategy in 2022.”

“It has been a privilege serving as AusIMM President in 2021 and representing AusIMM members and professionals all over the world. A personal highlight has been supporting members during substantial disruption, particularly through our new digital platforms and expanded suite of online professional development. I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with our members, Communities of Interest, Board and Management Team in 2022 to position AusIMM strongly for the future.”

“I would like to thank all AusIMM members for their continued support of our organisation and sector. I am eager to visit more of our members and communities next year as our borders open up and travel resumes.”

Find out more about the AusIMM Board here

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