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Your views – the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement

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AusIMM represents a global community of resources professionals working across more than 110 countries.

We know that the professional, technical and ethical leadership of people working in resources is fundamental to the global standing and competitive position of the Australasian industry.

The mining and resources industry is a key pillar of Australia’s relationships with trade, economic and strategic partners around the world. This is true not only in respect of Australia’s well established export commodities, but also in the fast-moving and geopolitically complex markets for critical minerals such as lithium, vanadium, cobalt and rare-earth elements.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is currently seeking inputs on the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement, specifically around the following:

  • How a Green Economy Agreement (GEA) could boost Australian two-way trade and investment in clean energy, and environmental goods and services exports.
  • Any trade and investment barriers (especially Non-Tariff Barriers) that are impacting the ability to undertake trade of environmental goods and services with Singapore.
  • Any suggested changes to, or opportunities for, policy or regulatory settings that could encourage improved collaboration in the clean energy, and green economy sectors.
  • How a GEA with Singapore could assist Australia’s low emissions technology pathway including for priority technologies (clean hydrogen, low emissions steel and aluminium, energy storage, carbon capture and storage and soil carbon measurement), and in enabling technologies and associated services.
  • Opportunities and challenges to access, or improve access, to green or sustainable finance, or to identify and advance finance options and investor partnerships with Singapore
  • Opportunities and challenges in advancing cooperation on voluntary carbon markets with Singapore and for the South East Asian region.

AusIMM is developing a submission on what the Green Economy Agreement means for resources professionals, with particular attention on the inputs to new technologies, the research and development advances of the sector, and the importance of robust technical codes and standards to develop future industry opportunities including increasing downstream value adding activities.

Your voice on resources as a driver of Australia’s green economy engagements

We invite you to review the Committee’s terms of reference and provide your views to us.

In doing so, you can contribute to AusIMM's ongoing engagement with the Australian Government and play a part in our shared role as the Trusted Voice for people in resources.

We encourage members to forward their feedback on the Green Economy Agreement to the AusIMM Policy team via or on our website's feedback form by 10 November 2021.

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