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GEOFEST 2024 Update

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Geoscience Society to support GEOFEST 2024 in Sydney

GEOFEST 2024 is an annual international conference which focuses on the development of geo-tourism within the Indonesian UNESCO Global Geoparks. GEOFEST 2024 begins with a Volcanic Youth Camp at Ijen UNESCO Global Geopark in East Java (1-2 July), followed by the main event at Rinjani-Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark, Lombok (4-6 July).

For the first time, Australia has been invited to participate with the conference concluding with a one-day workshop at The University of Sydney on 18 July. And followed by field trips run out of Sydney on 19 July [  ] . The workshop, to be addressed by invited speakers from both Indonesia and Australia, will focus on topics relevant to volcanic geotourism destinations. In addition to the invited speakers, there will be a panel discussion on employment opportunities in the geo-tourism field.

The principal organisations being approached for funds to sponsor and co-host this workshop are the professional geoscience bodies (i.e. AIG, AusIMM, SMEDG, and the GSA). A major benefit to The AusIMM is the message to its membership that the Institute is committed to international outreach and is supportive of any project that has the capacity of generating new geoscience-related employment for its members.

The AusIMM Geoscience Society has contributed $5,000 for a sponsorship package which includes the AusIMM logo on the website (currently under development), the official program, and through social media postings including prominently promoted through our Indonesian network connections.

GEOFEST 2024 Speakers

The Geoscience Society supports the AGC National Geoscience Strategy that helps raise the profile of geoscientists. The 5TH GEOTOURISM FESTIVAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (GEOFEST) 2024 is an Australia-Indonesia Geotourism Collaboration Project with the theme; ‘The Volcano as a World Class Sustainable Geotourism Destination’. An initial promotional website can be found here.

GeoFest 2024 Sydney Workshop, planned for 18/7/2024 at the New Law Building LT101, The University of Sydney.

Indonesian Speakers:

  1. Ipuk Fiestiandani Azwar Anas, Regent of Banyuwangi, East Java, Main Advisor of Ijen UNESCO Global Geopark – Economic benefits of volcano tourism in Indonesia, with special reference to East Java.
  2. Professor Mega Fatimah Rosana, PhD, Dean of Faculty of Geological Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Head of Expert Council, National Committee of Indonesian Geoparks– Identified roles of geoscientists in geotourism and geopark development in Indonesia.
  3. Dedy Asriady, S.Si,. MP, Head of Genung Rijani National Park Office - Volcanic tourism and community development in Indonesia.
  4. Mohamad Farid Zaini, Chairman of Indonesia Geoparks Network/ General manager of Rinjani-Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark Management Agency -An overview of geoparks and geotourism development in Indonesia highlighting opportunities for geoscientist engagements.

Optional - Drs. Hermansyah, M.Si, Head of Centre for Geological Survey, Geological Agency, MEMR of Indonesia.

Australia/NZ Speakers:

  1. Dr Jon Hronsky OAM, Chair, National Geotourism Strategy, AGC – The role of the National Geotourism Strategy in geotourism development and its creation of new business and job opportunities for geoscientists in Australia.
  2. Dr Patricia Erfurt, Principal Research Scientist and Consultant, Volcano Tourism – Destinations and current development of volcano geotourism in Australia.
  3. Russell Boswell, Manager, Savannah Guides – Opportunities for developing volcanic landscape destinations in Tropical North Queensland.
  4. Professor Phil McManus or colleague of The University of Sydney – The imperative of building sustainable tourism in regional Australia with special reference to cultural landscapes.
  5. Representative of Waitaki Whitestone UNESCO Global Geopark of New Zealand – Overview of volcanic landscapes and volcano tourism opportunities through geopark development in NZ.
  6. Mark Williams – Geoscientist and Lecturer in Physical Geography and Spatial Science, University of Tasmania - Application of digital technology in geotourism planning and development with special reference to volcanic landscapes.

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