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Geoscience Society - Plan on a page

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Promotion of geoscience and mining industry in general as a desirable career option.
Bringing people together who can discuss shared success or problems whether technical, career, or personal development.


Edge of Scope
Out of Scope
80% of products/effort
20% of products/effort
0% of products/effort
Key skill development for members through:
  • Provide information for development options
  • Provide own virtual products
  • Connect members to, and endorse and support, external development courses
Ancillary skill development for members, such as interview skills, budgeting, planning, managing contracts, mentoring etc. Recruitment or job advertisment services
Share best practice Tertiary education, either promotion to members, or provide feedback to academic institutions on content/focus Political lobying or unionism from or to members
Promote geoscience as a viable and valuable career Support other COI and different groups in mining, but with an eye on geoscience key benefits, and a focus on avoding duplication Unnecessary duplication of effort with other AusIMM COI
Connecting geoscientists throughout our networks   Profit driven mentality
Play active role in AusIMM network and COI   Providing biased or information
    In field programs (but we can enforse and support others to provide)
Society Values


through teamwork and effective collaboration
Communication by open conversations and a willingness to share ideas, and allow others to share theirs
Contribute by participating in meetings and activities that support the committee
Creativity understanding innovation begins with creativity
Influence create, use or share our professional networks with the committee to help support and add value to the members
Professional Integrity mind
Respect by trusting and respecting each other, allowing others to share in a safe environment
Transparency committee
Value for members by providing producrs and information (from our society and the widers AusIMM) so members value their membership fees and continued involvement.
How do we best communicate and engage with our members?
LinkedIn Event attendance Awards
Webinars Website Training Programs
What is the ideal mix of people/skills/background we would like in our commitee?
We seek a critical mass of people, with a commitment to time, to deliver our plan.

We seek a wide range of diversity, including but not limited to;

  • Gender
  • Skills
  • Years of experience
  • Locations (States, countries, companies, institutions, or functions)

Key Connections:

  • Senior AusIMM Geoscientists
  • Senior Academc Geoscientists
  • Senior Industry Leaders

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