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Inviting mining industry professionals to join CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in Schools Program 2022

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Inclusive STEM education is an issue that has long been close to WIMnet Victoria's heart as we strive to attract more women to the mining industry.

The ‘leaky pipeline’ that sees so many women disengage with STEM begins at school - so where better to start addressing mining’s gender imbalance than by normalising our talented female engineers, geoscientists, metallurgists, technicians, software developers and other innovators in a relaxed class setting?

Our girls and young women can’t be what they can’t see.

WIMnet has chosen to support CSIRO’s long-standing STEM Professionals in Schools program due to the fantastic feedback it receives from professionals, teachers and students alike. Currently there are over one hundred schools seeking STEM mentors Australia-wide - and fifty in Victoria alone. Could you spare the time to share your passion?

  • Commitment is flexible depending on your availability
  • Program includes both primary and secondary school options
  • Regional schools are just as keen for STEM mentors as city schools
  • You are able to request a school near you
  • Program participants are fully supported by a dedicated CSIRO team who will help to ensure a bespoke arrangement that works for you and partner school.

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For more information and application links, please see the program website here and be sure to read the following Program Stories for examples of how industry and academic professionals can play an invaluable role in enhancing STEM education.

CSIRO School Program Stories - Rocks revealing ancient volcanic activity

CSIRO Education Programs Stories - STEM leaning takes flight

CSIRO Education Program Stories - From blinking lights to hydro stations


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