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ISO TC 82/SC 7 Mine closure and reclamation management: Update No 6 to AusIMM members

Corinne Unger MAusIMM CP(Env) PhD Student UQ Business School and self-employed Principal Consultant representing AusIMM on the Australian committee
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Recent International Meeting of TC82/SC7 via Zoom

This year’s international meeting was hosted virtually, which enables more participants to join the international meeting but not the benefits of a face-to-face meeting, where we can learn more about each other’s expertise and nation-specific challenges and experiences. There has been excellent progress in the last year. This update reports on the first completed standard, two in progress and a new standard recently proposed for this family of standards. There is also a new Technical Committee on rare earths which may interest members.

Standard published

The ISO ‘Vocabulary’ standard was finalised in 2020, and is now available for purchase. This standard has also been adopted by Standards Australia in 2021 and is available here. Australia’s Darren Murphy was project lead for this standard.

Standard close to being published

The second standard in the pipeline is ‘Mine Closure and Reclamation Management – Planning’ and is very close to completion. This standard was coordinated by a Canadian writing team led by Prof Dirk van Zyl, and is at FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) stage. This standard is likely to be published later this year in two parts. Part 1 ‘Requirements’ and Part 2 ‘Recommendations’ in the form of guidance.

Standard in progress

The third standard ‘Managing Mining Legacies’ is approaching Committee Draft (CD) stage. Corinne Unger is Convenor/Project lead supported by a writing team that includes Tania Laurencont (Australia) and Peter Goerke-Mallet (Germany). We are grateful for support from Standards Australia Project Manager Jessica Huynh which commenced in April. Over the last six months 15 members of the working group participated in clause and case study writing and all members participate in review of working drafts. The format of this standard is currently in two parts with Requirements and Recommendations in Part 1 and Case studies and bibliography in Part 2, as a Technical Report.

New standard planning

A task force to propose a new standard on ‘Social aspects’ has been approved this week. This process is being led by Tania Laurencont. This task force will develop a New Work Item Proposal which must be approved before advancing through these stages:

  • Preparatory Stage - Working draft (WD)
  • Committee Stage - Committee draft (CD)
  • Enquiry Stage - Draft International Standard (DIS)
  • Approval Stage - Final Draft International Standard (FDIS)
  • Publication Stage - ISO standard

Further standard discussions

While not yet at task force stage suggestions have been made regarding potential new standards in line with the strategic plan for SC7. They are ‘artisanal and small scale mining’ and ‘mine water’. Ideas and suggestions for new standards must include volunteers, interest and support from multiple participating countries with an expert to lead the process in order for the idea to advance to the stage where a NWIP can be discussed and voted upon.

Next international meeting

The next meeting of SC7 Mine Closure and Reclamation Management, will be held virtually in November 2021.

Thanks to Chair of Australian SC7 Mirror Committee

After nearly four years, Carl Grant’s term as Chair of the Australian Mirror Committee for SC7 has concluded and a new chair will be appointed shortly. Thank you Carl.

New Technical Committee on Rare Earths

Recently ISO/TC 298 committee on ‘Rare Earths’ approved a proposal on Rare earth sustainability – Part 1: Mining, separation and processing. For those interested in this you can find more details here.

Past updates for AusIMM

Past updates prepared for AusIMM members by Corinne include:

  1. Inception of the Australian Mirror Committee for SC7 (Sub-Committee 7)
  2. Progress through the working groups (WG) March 2018
  3. Strategic Plan for SC7 and the International Committee held in Shanghai in October 2018 November 2018
  4. Mine closure and reclamation management: ISO standard development October 2019.
  5. Mine closure and reclamation management: ISO standard development (update five) May 2020

Updates will continue to be provided as progress is made. Any questions on this article from AusIMM members please contact Corinne Unger

Next international meeting

The next meeting of SC7 Mine Closure and Reclamation Management, will be held virtually in November 2021.

Ongoing support from Standards Australia Project Manager

After nearly four years of Project Management support I would also like to acknowledge the work of Richard Lansdell. Any members seeking further information on the Australian Mirror Committee should contact Richard at Standards Australia

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