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Meet The AusIMM New Professional Network Ambassadors

New Professionals Network
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The New Professionals Network is thrilled to unveil our upcoming Ambassador team set to embark on their journey in November 2023, alongside our exceptional existing Ambassadors.

Get ready for a dynamic lineup of industry champions!

What is the New Professionals Network?

The AusIMM New Professionals Network is a vibrant and inclusive community that represents, connects, and upskills people who are starting to build their careers in resources.

We help our members advance their professional development and bring our community together by sharing valuable content, providing insightful networking opportunities, and hosting engaging events.

New Professionals (NP's) are increasingly making important contributions to the industry. We see such star performers in our professional and social interactions: among our co-workers, our alumni groups, friend’s friends, and employees.

To keep up to date on the work of New Professionals click here.

Ambassadors for New South Wales
Kyle Jarrett

Kyle values engaging with upcoming students and professionals within the mining and resources industry and has partaken in a range of mentee/mentor relationships that he continues to engage in and develop.

Kyle believes in the importance of engaging with those interested in the industry to showcase the careers and opportunities available, in order to continue to build on skilled professions in the sector.

Sam Gogolewski

Sam is a mining engineer with an interest in developing his technical and operational experience in underground hard-rock mining. He is a qualified ventilation officer for underground metalliferous mines and is currently working toward fulfilling the requisite components of a first class mine manager's ticket.

Sam thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities for professional development, networking, and industry engagement experienced while working with the AusIMM in the Sydney Student Chapter. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to join the New Professionals’ Network as an ambassador, Sam was excited to re-engage as a professional who had recently entered the gold mining sector.

Sam looks forward to actively contributing to community events hosted by AusIMM and representing the Network at various events and meetings. Sam maintains a particular anticipation in developing connections with local Student Chapters and fostering an interest in the tremendous variety of opportunities the mining industry has to offer new professionals.

Overall, Sam is eager to engage with other industry members and students through the New Professionals’ Network.

Ambassadors for Queensland
Lucy Barrie

Lucy is thrilled about her role in actively contributing to community events organized by the AusIMM, with a particular focus on regional impact. These events serve as invaluable opportunities for professionals to connect, share ideas, and strengthen the sense of community within the industry.

Lucy recognizes that this sense of belonging not only fuels personal growth and career success but also plays a vital role in bolstering the regional mining ecosystem.

Additionally, Lucy is deeply enthusiastic about representing the New Professionals’ Network at various events and meetings. In this capacity, she serves as a passionate advocate for new professionals in the mining sector, emphasizing the significance of regional contributions.

Her advocacy not only raises the profile of emerging professionals but also fosters a stronger sense of belonging within the regional mining community. Moreover, this role allows her to stay at the forefront of regional industry trends and developments, ensuring that these insights are shared and leveraged for the benefit of all involved.

Roxanne O'Donnell

Roxanne's enthusiasm and dedication to championing the mining industry's diverse career opportunities are truly inspiring. Her passion lies in not only showcasing the industry's potential but also in making it a more inclusive and rewarding place for all, with a special emphasis on empowering women to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Roxanne is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to engage with graduates and new professionals, guiding them towards the multitude of career paths within the mining industry. She recognizes the importance of mentorship and knowledge-sharing in helping the next generation of professionals realize their full potential and impact in the field.

Zac Chrzanowski

As the 2nd president of the North Queensland Student Chapter, Zac deeply appreciated the diverse opportunities for professional development, networking, and industry engagement encountered during his involvement with AusIMM within the Student Chapter. Consequently, when the opportunity materialized to step into the role of ambassador for the New Professionals' Network, Zac eagerly embraced the chance, particularly given his recent entry into the post-graduate world. 

Zac is enthusiastic about the prospect of actively contributing to the array of community events hosted by AusIMM and representing the Network at various industry gatherings and meetings. However, what truly ignites his passion is the opportunity to cultivate connections with local Student Chapters, nurturing an avid interest in the multitude of opportunities that the mining industry extends to emerging professionals.

Ambassadors for South Australia 
Elyse Bosch

Elyse's journey with the AusIMM has been nothing short of extraordinary. She's been an active participant through the Adelaide Student Chapter for several years, assuming various critical roles on the committee, and even taking the helm as President. Her dedication to the organization is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for the resources sector.

As Elyse looks to the future, she's eager to continue her fruitful relationship with AusIMM. To her, this organization represents an incredible hub of boundless opportunities, and she's determined to seize every chance it offers.

One of Elyse's strongest beliefs is that the New Professionals' Network (NPN) will be a game-changer. It's not just a professional affiliation; it's a community of like-minded individuals who are all set to navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the resource industry. Elyse sees the NPN as the compass that will guide her and her colleagues through the twists and turns of the industry, ensuring they remain engaged, informed, and equipped to thrive in the face of change.

Furthermore, Elyse is excited about the potential of the NPN to expand her web of connections with individuals who share her vision and passion for the sector. In her eyes, these connections are more than just professional contacts; they're invaluable relationships that will foster growth, innovation, and shared success.

Yassir AJ Ajrish

Yassir is an accomplished geophysicist and geologist with a profound enthusiasm for project management. His career has been shaped by an insatiable curiosity for exploring the mysteries of the Earth and a knack for steering ventures towards success.

Yassir's journey commenced with a comprehensive exploration of geophysics and applied geology, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Science degree. But his appetite for knowledge and his aspiration for a broader impact didn't halt there. Eager to extend his influence, he embarked on the path to earn a Master's in Project and Program Management, where he mastered the art of bringing visionary ideas to fruition.

His professional voyage has seen him traverse through various sectors, encompassing a range of commodities and industries, with a particular focus on the ever-evolving domains of mining and energy. Notably, Yassir possesses the remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate geophysical and geological data, enabling him to make well-informed decisions that drive operational efficiency and mitigate risks.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Yassir finds immense gratification in sharing his knowledge with aspiring geoscientists and project managers. Witnessing their growth and success under his mentorship brings him a profound sense of fulfillment.

Yassir firmly believes in the power of the industry to shape a sustainable future and is unwaveringly committed to playing his part in this endeavor.

Brooke North

Brooke acknowledges the invaluable role that the AusIMM has played in her personal and professional development spanning 8 years. During her university years, the events she attended facilitated connections with a diverse professional network, fostering a sense of belonging to a larger community.

These connections served as wellsprings of motivation during the challenges of her academic journey.

Her passion for actively advocating for the Resources Industry grew stronger as she commenced her career in Exploration. Brooke found fulfillment in sharing her experiences with university students, particularly in addressing concerns related to the environmental and social aspects of mining. This educational outreach is something she is keen to continue, and joining the NPN represents the ideal platform to reach a wider audience.

Brooke recognizes the intrinsic value of the NPN in creating a supportive community and promoting active communication through events. She understands the significant challenge of transitioning from university to the early stages of a professional career, a transition that often leaves individuals feeling disconnected. This feeling is particularly pronounced when relocation or site work is involved.

In Brooke's perspective, the NPN plays a pivotal role in supporting emerging professionals, a role that has become even more crucial as the industry undergoes a transformation toward green energy. Nurturing and retaining talent in this evolving landscape is of paramount importance.

Jack Walsh

Jack's journey in the world of mining and metallurgy began in 2018 when he embarked on his studies in chemical engineering at Adelaide University. At that time, the path post-graduation remained unclear, but it was during this formative period that the AusIMM student chapter events entered the picture, setting in motion a remarkable transformation in his career aspirations.

His university education laid a strong foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving, integral to the world of engineering. However, as Jack transitioned into industry, a pressing realization dawned upon him. Specific metallurgical theory and practice were the missing pieces of the puzzle, essential for thriving in the field. This recognition fueled his enthusiasm for continuous learning and development, leading him to the doors of the AusIMM's New Professional Network (NPN).

The NPN, with its welcoming embrace, has played a pivotal role in Jack's journey. It's a platform where emerging professionals, like Jack, can engage with industry veterans, learning from their wealth of experience. Moreover, the NPN provides a unique opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse disciplines, sites, and commodities. These connections offer alternate perspectives, enriching the understanding of the multifaceted mining and metallurgy sector.

In his role as an ambassador for the NPN, Jack is on a mission to inspire and guide emerging professionals to seek knowledge and insights from those with greater experience or different vantage points. These interactions and discussions are instrumental in aiding early-career professionals like him in making well-informed decisions. It's not just about individual growth; it's about collectively shaping the future of the minerals industry.

Jack firmly believes in the critical need to support graduates in their professional journey. This involves providing them with the technical resources and opportunities to connect with fellow practitioners. His vision is to extend the same support and access to resources that have proved invaluable in his own development. In this way, he aspires to be a catalyst for the success and growth of those embarking on their careers in mining and metallurgy.

Ambassador for Tasmania
Harjot Kaur

Harjot's journey in the field of chemistry has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and a profound appreciation for the unique value that Tasmania brings to the industry. Her active involvement with The Royal Australian Chemical Institute as a Committee Member exemplifies her dedication to the field, and it's with this wealth of experience and enthusiasm that she steps into the role of New Professional Ambassador.

Harjot firmly believes that the pursuit of excellence is an ongoing journey. Her career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, skills, and innovation. This dedication to continuous improvement has not only propelled her own professional growth but also served as an inspiration to those around her. She sees every challenge as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and thrive. This philosophy is one that she is eager to impart to her peers and emerging professionals, fostering an environment where the pursuit of excellence becomes a collective endeavor.

Moreover, Harjot possesses a deep understanding of the unique position that Tasmania holds in the world of chemistry and resources. The island's rich natural resources, diverse ecosystems, and unique geographical features present unparalleled opportunities and challenges. Harjot recognizes the importance of Tasmania as a hub for innovation, sustainability, and the development of cutting-edge solutions in the chemical and resources sectors. As an ambassador, she aims to shed light on the remarkable potential that Tasmania offers and encourages her fellow professionals to explore and harness this potential to drive the industry forward.

Ambassadors for Victoria
Helga Nolasco

Helga, an environmental engineer with a master's degree in Environment and Sustainability from Monash University, began her professional journey after graduating from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Her introduction to the mining industry occurred in 2022 when she joined MMG as a Climate & Sustainability Analyst. This marked the initiation of a passionate career dedicated to the development of sustainable strategies for the resource sector, with a particular emphasis on climate and environmental considerations.

Collaboration and cultural exchange are at the core of Helga's essence. This intrinsic quality has enabled her to become proficient in four languages and accumulate international study and work experiences across diverse regions, including Brazil, France, the United States, and Australia.

Helga firmly believes that the AusIMM plays a pivotal role in steering the mining industry towards a trajectory of continuous improvement and excellence. These principles deeply resonate with her personal and professional values. She holds a profound conviction that the mining sector possesses the potential to drive decarbonization and enhance the quality of life. This extends beyond the essential metals the industry provides to encompass investments in technology, research, and the stimulation of local economies.

Helga's unwavering drive to grow professionally and instigate positive changes within the sector fuels her commitment to working alongside experienced peers within the AusIMM. This collaborative environment provides a fertile ground for skill development, industry insights, and the generation of positive impacts. Her active participation in numerous AusIMM events has prompted her to take the next step by joining the New Professionals Network (NPN).

Through the NPN, she aims to further engage with the Institute and leverage her innovative and diverse perspectives to contribute to the industry's betterment. The NPN, in her eyes, is a platform that bridges new professionals with seasoned leaders in the field, allowing them to organize, participate, facilitate events, and share ideas to collectively create a positive impact.

Leon Pitigala

Leon, a fourth-year honours student pursuing a geology degree at Monash University, is deeply engrossed in a research project centered on the exploration of gold mineralization within north-east Queensland. As a natural progression of his academic journey, he is poised to make his debut in the gold mining industry in early 2024. Leon's next adventure takes him to the Kalgoorlie Gold Fields, where he will assume the role of a Mine Geologist at Evolution Mining.

The role of an Ambassador within the New Professionals Network (NPN) resonates profoundly with Leon. To him, it signifies more than mere event attendance or meetings; it's about becoming an active agent for positive change within the mining industry. His geological expertise positions him to be a driving force in discussions concerning responsible resource extraction and environmental stewardship. By participating in event organization and speaking engagements, he envisions the opportunity to catalyze conversations that matter.

Leon's commitment to nurturing the next generation of geologists and resource professionals is unwavering. He firmly believes in instilling the values of ethical mining practices from the outset of their careers, and the prospect of collaborating with Student Chapters aligns perfectly with this belief.

Moreover, representing the Network at various events, both locally and on a broader scale, is a responsibility that Leon welcomes. He sees this role as a platform to champion the AusIMM's mission and to showcase the mining industry as a dynamic and responsible field, characterized by innovation and sustainability.

Ambassadors for Western Australia 
Thomas Taylor 

Thomas, with a history of active involvement in AusIMM community groups, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his role as an Ambassador. His past engagements have instilled in him a profound appreciation for the AusIMM community and its members. He recognizes the unique value of these connections and the rich tapestry of experiences that come with them.

As he embarks on this new journey, Thomas is driven by the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and forge new connections within this space. The AusIMM community holds a special place in his professional journey, and he is eager to reignite the sense of camaraderie and collaboration that it represents.

Thomas understands the power of a tightly-knit community in driving positive change and fostering a sense of belonging. He is excited to tap into his past experiences and contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the AusIMM community, uniting its members in a shared mission of professional development and industry betterment.

Shuey Pal

Shuey, having previously been actively involved in the AusIMM Student Chapter in Kalgoorlie, carries with him a profound connection to the world of mining and a shared passion with those who are equally enthusiastic about the industry. His journey as a student member in Kalgoorlie was marked by experiences that not only enriched his knowledge but also deepened his appreciation for the AusIMM community.

Now, as he takes on the role of an Ambassador, Shuey is eager to give back to the community that has nurtured his love for mining. He sees this as an opportunity to share his insights, experiences, and industry knowledge with those who share the same zeal. Shuey understands that the AusIMM community is a place where like-minded individuals come together to learn, grow, and advance the mining sector.

Paige Dallywater

Paige's journey within the AusIMM community has been marked by active participation and a commitment to personal and professional growth. Her involvement with the AusIMM WA Southwest committee signifies her dedication to the industry and the nurturing of connections within the community.

Notably, Paige's achievements were recognized when she was awarded the 2022 Educational Endowment Fund (EFF) scholarship through AusIMM. This scholarship not only highlights her academic excellence but also underscores her potential as a future leader in the resources sector. Paige's passion for the industry, coupled with her academic accomplishments, positions her as a role model for aspiring professionals.

As she steps into the role of an Ambassador, Paige eagerly anticipates the opportunity to work alongside AusIMM and her fellow Ambassadors. Her vision is to contribute her knowledge, experiences, and fresh perspectives to the AusIMM community. Paige understands the importance of collaboration and the power of a united effort in advancing the industry.

Lauren Harding

Lauren, a former executive committee member of the AusIMM UWA Student Chapter, is dedicated to fostering connections between students, new graduates, and industry opportunities. She's poised to complete her Masters in Professional Mining Engineering at the University of Western Australia next year while working as a junior engineer at BHP Nickel West.

In this pivotal transition from student to professional, Lauren is eager to delve deeper into the Australian resource sector and further engage with the professional aspect of AusIMM. The role of New Professional Network Ambassador perfectly aligns with her goals – supporting WA student chapters in securing industry opportunities, expanding her professional network, gaining insights from industry leaders, and continuing her contributions to AusIMM.

After participating in several 2023 new professional events, Lauren is excited to play a more active role as a 2024 ambassador and advocate for the NPN.

Oliver Mowbray

Oliver, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Mineral Geoscience and a passion for geophysical mineral exploration, has been a steadfast advocate for fostering collaborative STEM communication within the resources sector. His journey within AusIMM communities has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences, including holding the prestigious position of the Presidency of its Adelaide Student Chapter.

In his quest for continuous learning and professional growth, Oliver is pursuing a Master of Resources and International Commercial Law at The University of Western Australia, in conjunction with future Mineral Economics coursework at Curtin University. His commitment to the industry is deeply rooted in his aspiration to enhance its ability to expedite investment into mineral assets and accelerate production from mineral discoveries.

Oliver's role as an Ambassador for the New Professionals Network (NPN) is a reflection of his dedication to building a more accessible and supportive resource sector community for new professionals. He recognizes that, as of 2023, Australian resource sector events are underrepresented by new professionals, despite the immense value these events offer in terms of skill enhancement and network expansion.

Through the NPN, Oliver envisions creating systems and networks that make these opportunities more accessible to a broader audience. His goal is to help not only his friends and colleagues but also future peers and himself in the resources sector to tap into the vast potential for growth and development.

The NPN, in Oliver's view, is a platform for new professionals to gain deeper insights into industry standards and improve upon them. It serves as a catalyst for upskilling, enabling professionals to become trusted and effective contributors in the workplace at an accelerated pace.

Niraj Gorasiya

Niraj's journey within the local AusIMM community in the South West region over the past two years has been marked by active participation, technical conferences, and networking engagements. This exposure ignited a deep-seated interest in becoming more actively involved in the broader AusIMM community.

Niraj is passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from the experiences of others. However, it was not until he had the opportunity to attend the New Leaders Summit in 2022 that he became fully aware of the vast networking and event participation opportunities offered by the AusIMM. At this event, he was not only impressed but also inspired by the expansive community of new professionals, the invaluable insights shared by panel speakers, and the platform for engaging in meaningful discussions and thought-provoking challenges.

The experience at the New Leaders Summit was a turning point, motivating Niraj to apply for the role of an NPN Ambassador. He recognized that this position would enable him to broaden his network through increased event participation, both at the local and national levels. He looks forward to working closely with the committee to organize events and engage in speaking opportunities.

For Niraj, the crux of his purpose as an engineer lies in contributing to addressing the technical, safety, and social challenges that the industry faces. He believes that new professionals are at the forefront of driving solutions and innovations in these areas. This alignment of purpose and opportunity served as a catalyst for his decision to take on the role of an NPN Ambassador.

Josephine Liantono

Josephine's excitement about her role as an Ambassador is deeply rooted in her vision of building a close-knit and supportive community for new professionals in the resources sector. She envisions a space where individuals at the outset of their career journey can come together, connect, and thrive.

Creating such a community is not merely a goal for Josephine; it's a heartfelt mission. She recognizes the unique challenges that individuals face as they transition from university into the early years of their professional careers. Josephine firmly believes that tailored support and opportunities for professional development are vital during this crucial phase.

Her commitment to nurturing this community is underpinned by her understanding of the power of connection and mentorship. She envisions a network where new professionals can learn from each other, share experiences, and collectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that come their way.

Who can get involved?

New Professionals in the resources industry (first 5 years of your career) who have displayed excellence and integrity, or demonstrated innovation, social responsibility, sustainability, and passion for safety.

Please encourage any New Professionals to keep up to date on the network here.

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