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Strengthening AusIMM’s International Communities

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AusIMM’s CEO, Stephen Durkin, recently travelled to Indonesia and Singapore to support local stakeholders as AusIMM continues to build its presence in key Asian markets.

Mr Durkin co-hosted AusIMM’s joint conference with Exploration and Mining Development Indonesia (EMD) in Jakarta, met with local association IAGI to discuss collaboration opportunities and met with AusIMM’s newly appointed Indonesian Committee.

The Innovative Technology in Exploration Conference developed in partnership with Exploration and Mining Development Indonesia (EMD) was held in Jakarta on 18 February. The Conference focused on innovative techniques and technology being use in major exploration projects – giving explorers, miners and technology providers an opportunity to gather and share breakthroughs and trends shaping the industry.

The conference is the first major deliverable coming out of the MoU signed between EMD and AusIMM in October last year. Both organisations agreed to work together to develop the exploration and mining community, exchange knowledge and information for members, and implement programs that will benefit both countries mining and resource professionals.

Following the conference, AusIMM hosted a networking event for AusIMM members based in Jakarta. The event also provided an opportunity for local members to meet AusIMM’s International Representative in Indonesia and Director of EMD, Myke Jones and his 2020 committee members, Jim Sweeney, Shawn Crispin, Anthony McDougall, Geoff Tucker and Adi Sjoekri.

Mr Durkin ended the week with a brief stopover in Singapore, where meetings were held with the AusIMM members, the Singapore Stock Exchange, Austrade and Australian High Commissioner, the Honourable Bruce Gosper, to discuss opportunities to share technical training opportunities around the JORC Code.

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