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AusIMM announces new partnership with MX3 Diagnostics

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AusIMM is pleased to announce a new partnership with health technology company MX3 Diagnostics.

The organisation has developed new technology for measuring worker hydration, helping mitigate heat-related issues and optimise production safely. This is particularly important in the resources sector, where workers are often required to be in extreme environments that can be hot or isolated.

The partnership will focus on sharing insights with the professional community on worker hydration health, including an exhibition booth and workshop at AusIMM’s upcoming International Mine Health and Safety Conference. The workshop will focus on heat stress management and be hosted and chaired by Professor Trevor Kilpatrick, Chief Medical Officer of MX3 Diagnostics.

"AusIMM recognises MX3 Diagnostics’ commitment to the health and safety of resources professionals, with a focus on innovation to address industry challenges," said AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin. "AusIMM’s role in promoting a safe and sustainable resources sector is reflected in this partnership."

"MX3 has benefited greatly from AusIMM’s support and guidance over the last several years," said MX3 Managing Director Dr Stan Skafidas. "We look forward to partnering with AusIMM to improve industry knowledge and shape best practices in the crucial areas of heat stress and hydration management."

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