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AusIMM announces partnership with MEC Mining

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With a commitment to partnering with a range of companies who share our values and recognise the importance of professionals in shaping the future of the resources industry, AusIMM is pleased to welcome MEC Mining as our Industry Partner.

Sharing our passion for technical excellence in the mining industry, the global technical consulting firm specialises in mining services capabilities across the project life cycle, from early-stage exploration through to mine closure and rehabilitation.

The partnership will focus on sharing with AusIMM members and our global community of mining professionals leading developments in mine planning, as well as onsite and technical services solutions for the future of mining.

AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin is pleased for the opportunity to highlight industry expertise and innovation in the industry.

“As advocates for leadership and best practice, we are pleased to be partnering with MEC Mining to advance technical excellence in the sector,” said Mr Durkin.

“We see a natural alignment between AusIMM and MEC Mining, who share our commitment to placing our global community at the cutting edge of mining excellence.”

Led by recently appointed CEO, Chris Catania, MEC Mining is equally delighted to connect with AusIMM’s members to share insights into future-proofing the industry.

Chris Catania believes miners are inherently collaborative. He says, “The sector’s willingness to share ideas, knowledge and expertise to innovate and generate safe, sustainable productivity has never been more important. This partnership is our way of supporting the industry as it reconfigures for a carbon neutral future.”

Find more information about MEC Mining via

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