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AusIMM research reveals key influences on Victorian youth perception of the resources sector

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Research conducted by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) has highlighted that parents and environmental issues are primary influences on young Victorians’ perceptions of the mining industry.

The report published today presents a summary and analysis of findings from research and consultations carried out with over 1000 people aged 14-20 to understand what attracts them to the industry, and what drives them away.

Key findings include:

  • Knowledge of the resources sector is on par with the national average, but Victorian youth are less interested in working in the sector.
  • The career decisions of Victorian youth are primarily influenced by parents.
  • Environmental concerns are the most significant barrier for Victorian youth entering the resources industry.
  • Victorian youth hold positive views about the resource industry’s contribution to the national economy.
  • Perceptions of Victorian youth towards the industry are positively impacted by an increased understanding of the lifestyle of mining professionals, on-site experiences and environmental activities.

AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin said that the findings from the research were already being used to communicate the mining industry’s strength and opportunities to young people.

“Victorian youth recognise the value of the industry to the Australian economy and can be positively impacted through increased knowledge, understanding and exposure to activities across the industry,” Mr Durkin said.

“AusIMM has conducted and championed this research to instruct future government and industry initiatives intended to strengthen and secure the critical talent pipeline for the resources industry, and in turn support the ongoing role of the industry within the community.”

The report is publicly available here.

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Brigid Meney
M: 0432 885 823

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