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AusIMM’s mentoring program will continue to build mining careers in 2022

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The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s (AusIMM’s) highly successful Mentoring Program is returning in 2022, providing a unique professional development opportunity for both mentors and mentees currently working in the mining industry.

The program connects resources professionals via a digital tailored platform, providing accessibility and opportunity for participation to a broad and diverse range of professionals, regardless of location.

The upcoming 2022 program is an ideal opportunity for people working in mining to build their careers with one-on-one professional advice and support from a respected industry leader. Mentees will be able to focus on their professional development, achieve their career goals, expand their networks and industry connections, plus gain knowledge from exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Mentors who participated also reported that they value the development opportunities of having someone to support and guide, and they appreciate the opportunity to listen and understand a new generation of professionals coming through.

Cailli Knievel, a mentor from the 2021 Program, said the experience was significantly valuable and rewarding for her as an industry professional.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the structured AusIMM program and will be continuing to recommend it to industry. It is so rewarding to be able to hear someone describe where they are at in their career, and to see their own appreciation of their efforts and abilities change through the process,” said Ms Knievel.

AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin said the Mentoring Program for 2022 will build even further on the success and positive engagement of 2021.

"AusIMM was delighted in 2021 to bring together over 170 industry professionals from all across Australasia to create strong and lasting relationships,” Mr Durkin said.

“With the positive response and feedback received, we know how important and valuable this program is to mentees and mentors alike as we facilitate a greater collaborative effort to support professionals and utilise the expertise of our industry to build careers in mining. We are proud as an organisation to be launching this program again for 2022.”

AusIMM’s Mentoring Program 2022 is open to engaged mining professionals with a minimum of three years’ professional experience in the resources industry. The structured program supports all participants with online resources, training and webinars and regular communication with a dedicated Mentoring Program Manager.

Applications for the 2022 AusIMM Mentoring Program open Monday 17 January and close Tuesday 1 March.

Find out more today and apply for the AusIMM Mentoring Program 2022 here:



Annabel Balicki
Mentoring Project Manager, AusIMM


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