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AusIMM brings together global experts on the future of Gold Plants in 2022

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AusIMM brings together global experts on the future of Gold Plants in 2022.

The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Gold Technology Group, Curtin University, are delighted to announce the Gold Plant of the Future Symposium (Gold Plant 2022) heading to the Blue Mountains and online, May 11-12, 2022.

This marks the first ever Gold Plant Symposium and the chance for delegates across the globe to gain world class access into the challenges, opportunities and exciting technical developments in the gold plant industry.

Taking a cohesive approach to the event, Conference Chair Teresa McGrath highlighted how Gold Plant 2022, ‘is a unique opportunity to bring together researchers, suppliers and operators from all over the world to drive innovation and best practice forward.’

This two-day event will allow delegates the opportunity to discover the latest innovations leading the gold plant industry, with insights from international experts covering processing, sensors, and automation, ESG and related issues. Day one will focus on current and emerging practice, with the second day driving conversations on identifying longer term technology needs and strategic thinking.

AusIMM CEO, Stephen Durkin said that the Gold Plant Symposium was an important part of AusIMM’s largest and most comprehensive annual professional development calendar to date.  

“Maintaining a future focus, AusIMM is proud to work with our partners like Curtin University to deliver cutting edge learnings and technical expertise, to people working in gold mining across the globe,” said Mr Durkin

The Gold Plant of the Future Symposium will provide a platform for industry and academia to actively engage in how to develop best practice for the world’s gold plants both now and the future, with support for design, commercialisation, and commissioning of new technologies. 

Delegates can attend in-person and online with AusIMM’s hybrid registration or join online via the robust 3D virtual conference. Attendees will gain access to live and on-demand content, online courses and exciting networking opportunities.

For more information about Gold Plant of the Future Symposium, register your interest today at:


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