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Peak body for resources professionals and Pride Professionals pledge commitment to a diverse and inclusive sector

Dominic Stevenson
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AusIMM, the peak body for resources professionals in Australasia, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pride Professionals, an organisation formed to provide support for gender and sexually diverse professionals working across Australia, including in the resources sector.

The MoU marks a significant milestone for both organisations.

It reflects a shared commitment to welcoming, including and advancing all people pursuing careers in resources, including gender and sexually diverse professionals.

This agreement is a crucial undertaking to progress and elevate representation of diversity in the industry. Both organisations recognise that a sustainable resources industry relies on welcoming a diverse range of talent into our professions, in turn helping to secure a sustainable talent pipeline for our sector, and for the benefit of our broader community.

Pride Professionals’ focus is to provide gender and sexually diverse professionals with access to supportive, safe professional networks and connections to mentoring opportunities with allied associations.

AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin, together with Pride Professionals co-founders Stephanie Graskoski and Tanya Brisbane, spoke of the importance of the MoU and the impact of this collaboration.

“AusIMM and Pride Professionals are united in welcoming, supporting and including all people pursuing careers in the resources sector, including gender and sexually diverse people. We recognise this is critical to advance the sector for the benefit of the diverse communities we serve,” Mr Durkin said.

Stephanie Graskoski explained a key component of the collaboration will be Pride Professionals working with AusIMM to understand the needs of diverse professionals, helping to drive ongoing improvements and awareness across the resources sector.

“We look forward to working with AusIMM to grow Pride Professional’s reach and provide further opportunities for gender and sexually diverse professionals. Connecting our networks, understanding diverse experiences, and creating safe spaces are key to creating an inclusive resources sector for all. This is what the AusIMM and Pride Professionals collaborations seeks to advance,” Ms Graskoski said.

About AusIMM

AusIMM was formed in 1893 and is the leading organisation representing the 65,000 resources sector professionals in the Australasian region, across industry, government and academia. With a focus on advancing excellence in resources for the benefit of the whole community, we are committed to creating equality of opportunity for everyone within our professional community.

In 2018 AusIMM established its Council for Diversity and Inclusion, comprised of senior, influential industry representatives from a diverse range of backgrounds. The Council drives an ongoing strategy of improvement for AusIMM and the industry, to provide the support needed for every professional to thrive within the resources sector.

About Pride Professionals

Pride Professionals was established in 2018 to provide support mechanisms for gender and sexually diverse professionals working across Australia, including in the Western Australian resources sector where the organisations founding partners work. Pride Professionals promotes opportunities to empower, support and promote LGBT+ identifying professionals to reach their career aspirations and goals.

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