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Conference Proceedings

2022 Open Pit Operators' Conference

Conference Proceedings

2022 Open Pit Operators' Conference

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Open Pit Operators Conference 2022 was held in Perth, Western Australia from 21 – 22 June.
The papers were stimulating and challenging while also being informative on a wide and varied number topics including:
- Blast efficiency;
- Slope stability;
- Dispatch systems and operational efficiency;
- Impact of COVID-19 – case studies including innovative ways of working, what has changed and what needs to change;
- Integration of open pit operations; Smart mines and Social license to operate.

Papers in collection

  • Minimising coal damage and loss due to cast blasting Go to Paper
  • Improvement of blast efficiency at Rio Tinto Borates and Lithium Mine in California, USA Go to Paper
  • Mine to mill study – Bond Work index as factor for intrusive and non-intrusive rock type Go to Paper
  • Blast design and execution drives mine site profits Go to Paper
  • Scaled depth of burial application to increase blast efficiency in PT. Indo Muro Kencana Go to Paper
  • Quantifying iron ore ‘handleability’ to reduce processing plant delays Go to Paper
  • The role of fleet management in reducing carbon emissions from haul trucks Go to Paper
  • How innovation trumps isolation, one mine at a time Go to Paper
  • Transition from owner mining to contract mining – a structured tender process using a holistic approach Go to Paper
  • Re-defining Compliance Planning through data integration and ultra-short-term scheduling Go to Paper
  • The use of collaboration and management to turn-around the performance of a failing copper mine Go to Paper
  • Strategic short-term geotechnical design Go to Paper
  • Should earthquake loading be considered for open pit slope design in Australia? Go to Paper
  • Managing uncertainty in large open pit geotechnical modelling Go to Paper
  • Learning from and managing a significant saprolite instability Go to Paper
  • Slope stability is a critical issue for the open pit mining community Go to Paper
  • Wall control blasting – the influence of engineering geology on blast design Go to Paper
  • Dredger drop impact on slope stability – Hazelwood Mine Go to Paper
  • Back analysis of pit slope performance in a saturated alluvial sediment Go to Paper
  • Managing remediation, and risk of failure, to complete extraction of a short life open pit Go to Paper
  • Mining method, and controls, to cut back a failed slope at KCGMs Fimiston Pit (KCGM Superpit) Go to Paper
  • Inferring the earth moving equipment–environment interaction in open pit mining Go to Paper
  • Applying control frameworks to enhance vehicle interaction technology outcomes Go to Paper
  • The application of digital twin machine learning models for Mine to Mill and Pit to Plant optimisation Go to Paper
  • Social licence to operate – number one issue for mining companies Go to Paper
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