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Conference Proceedings

Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2011

Conference Proceedings

Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2011

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Edited by: Basil Beamish and Duncan Chalmers
The Mine Ventilation Conference brought together operators, planning
personnel, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, government regulators,
consultants and research and technology personnel to explore their achievements
and build a better industry. This event series allows the industry to keep
abreast of views and opinions on technical aspects and provides a volume to air
technical and factual information within the minerals industry.
The volume captures the current thinking in many aspects of mine ventilation
for underground coal. Advances in the determination of spontaneous combustion
propensity, non-destructive evaluation of ventilation control devices,
prevention and control of underground mine fires and establishing criteria for
mine re-entry are some of the topics explored.
Also presented within this volume are case studies for the management of gas,
upgrading of main fans, ventilation surveying and modelling, the installation of
booster fans and the safety aspects of ventilation air methane utilisation.
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  • Published: 2010
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