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Conference Proceedings

International Mine Management Conference 2006

Conference Proceedings

International Mine Management Conference 2006

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The First International Mine Management Conference stems from a growing concern that managers in the mining industry today must assume increasingly complex responsibilities that are often well beyond the span of their original tertiary education or post-tertiary training, or even past experience. Further, those selected for senior management positions in the industry are increasingly being drawn from professions beyond the traditional mining disciplines.
A second and as yet still emerging feature of the mining industry in recent times is the trend towards consolidation and globalisation. Managers today may expect to work in a range of disparate social and cultural environments during their careers, and must equip themselves accordingly.
Recognising both the reality and the consequences of these evolutionary changes, The AusIMM has chosen to broaden its offering to cover the full range of skills required of professional managers. This Conference is a first, and perhaps somewhat tentative, step in that direction. Reflecting the increasingly international dimension of the task of management, we sought the active support and involvement of our peer institutions in Canada and South Africa. Both responded positively with the result that the Proceedings include useful contributions from both countries. This is by no means a first' in a technical sense, but the promptness of response does confirm a shared interest in developing the skills and performance of mine management around the world.
The topics covered include: Plenary Addresses, Human Resources, Development, Operations, Macroeconomics and Mineral Markets, Marketing, Finance and Administration, Business and Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development.

Papers in collection

  • Opening Address Go to Paper
  • The Mine Manager's Toolkit Go to Paper
  • Leadership in the Minerals Sector - Challenges and Opportunities for Management of the 21st Century Go to Paper
  • Manners, Mentoring and Motivation for Managers Go to Paper
  • Mine Accommodation Strategies - Case Studies in Developing Countries Go to Paper
  • Fly-In, Fly-Out Operations - Strategies for Managing Employee Well-Being Go to Paper
  • Optimising Assessment and Selection with Indigenous People in Remote Communities Go to Paper
  • Why Do Brownfields Exploration? Go to Paper
  • Developments in International Mineral Resource and Reserve Reporting Go to Paper
  • Leveraging the Bottom Line of Your Mining Business Through Effective Management of the Mineral Resource Go to Paper
  • Integrated Mine Evaluation - Implications for Mine Management Go to Paper
  • Inco Technical Services Limited (ITSL) Technology - A Unique Asset in the World's Nickel Industry Go to Paper
  • Effective Mining Project Management Systems Go to Paper
  • Project Development and Construction Management Go to Paper
  • The Relevance and Role of Contractors in Mining Go to Paper
  • Today's Mine Manager - Technical Expert or Business Guru? Go to Paper
  • Doing the Right Things Right - Identifying and Implementing the Mine Plan That Delivers the Corporate Goals Go to Paper
  • Change Management Strategies in Extractive Industries - Analysis, Design and Implementation for Brownfield and Greenfield Sites Go to Paper
  • Managing Closure at Brunswick Mine Go to Paper
  • What Your Maintenance Manager Would Like You to Know Go to Paper
  • The Application of Lean Manufacturing in a Mining Environment Go to Paper
  • Loy Yang Power, GHD - A Case Study in Alliancing Go to Paper
  • Improved Mine Throughput Ensures a Sustainable Return on Capital at Mount Isa Copper Operations Go to Paper
  • Building Business Cases for Maintenance Improvement Projects Go to Paper
  • Sustainable or Transitory? Assessing the Economic Future of the Australian Mineral Industry Go to Paper
  • Understanding Cyclical and Secular Trends in Metal Prices Go to Paper
  • Demystifying the Black Box of Marketing' Go to Paper
  • Iron Ore Pricing for Mine Managers Go to Paper
  • Base Metal Marketing - Prices, Contracts and Counterparties Go to Paper
  • The International Marketing of Industrial Minerals Go to Paper
  • Delivering on Purpose - Strategy Development, Organisation Design and Planning the Work of the Business Go to Paper
  • Pipeline Management Go to Paper
  • Learning to Love Uncertainty Go to Paper
  • Plan Implementation - How Communication Impacts on Securing Organisational Success in the 21st Century Go to Paper
  • The Status of Risk Management in Australian Mining - A Best Practice Review Go to Paper
  • Educating Future Mine Managers - Maintaining the Gene Pool Go to Paper
  • Sustainable Development and the Minerals Sector - Leaving a Lasting Legacy Go to Paper
  • Safety Management - A Multifaceted Approach Go to Paper
  • Product Stewardship - A Mine Manager's Guide to Business Risk Management Go to Paper
  • A New Methodology for Managing Effective External Stakeholder Relationships Go to Paper
  • Managing Community Relationships and Corporate Reputation - A Stakeholder Perspective Go to Paper
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