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Conference Proceedings

Mining Risk Management

Conference Proceedings

Mining Risk Management

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This three-day event was organised by the Sydney Branch of The AusIMM and comprised 70 speakers focusing on managing risk in mining over the full spectrum of activities. Risk management has become an increasingly integral part of the systems the major resource houses have been introducing in recent years, recognising the importance of effective management to their multiple bottom line responsibilities.
The proceedings contain the abstracts and papers by the eight keynotes and all the papers that were peer reviewed and edited in keeping with The AusIMM requirement for publication in the Proceedings and the on-going Chartered Professional Development program.
The six streams in the conference addressed Risk Management under the following areas:
Project Design and Execution
Coal Mining
Hard Rock mining
For the Stakeholders
Environment and Sustainability
The Safety Arena

Papers in collection

  • Use of Dynamic Simulation as an Optimisation and Risk Management Tool in Process and Logistics Operations Go to Paper
  • Managing Risk in Mining and Other Resources Projects - Different Stakeholder Perspectives and Management Options Go to Paper
  • Stakeholders and Financial Risk - Cawse Nickel Operations Case Study Go to Paper
  • Application of Mining Process Simulation to Reduce Risk, Costs and Improve Operational Performance Go to Paper
  • The Role of High Precision GPS Machine Guidance in Mining Go to Paper
  • Reform of New South Wales Mining Legislation - A New Era Go to Paper
  • The Risks of Mining Seafloor Massive Sulfides Go to Paper
  • Slope Stability Radar for Monitoring Mine Walls Go to Paper
  • Metallurgical Processing Plant Ramp-Up Periods - How to Reap the Rewards' Go to Paper
  • Using Process Safety Management to Manage Risk in Mineral and Metals Facilities Go to Paper
  • Management of Core Geotechnical Risks for Underground Mining Projects Go to Paper
  • A Study of the Variability in Some Rockbolt Parameters and Their Potential Impact on Anchorage Performance in Coal Mines Go to Paper
  • Pit Slope Management - Planning for Your Next Failure in Open Cut Mining Go to Paper
  • Telfer Project - Mine Dewatering - Risk Assessment and Concept Optimisation Go to Paper
  • Risk Management - A Standards Approach Go to Paper
  • Safety in Tunnelling and Underground Construction - An Australian Perspective Go to Paper
  • Proactive Measures for Fatality Prevention in the Mining Industry - Why Fatalities Persist While Lost Time Injuries Decline Go to Paper
  • The Pertinence of Flexible Employment Practices to Fatigue Related Workplace Risk in the Mining Industry Go to Paper
  • Managing Mine Closure Risks in Developing Communities - A Case Study, Kelian Equatorial Mining, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Project Finance Ratings Analysis Measures Overall Risk Exposure Go to Paper
  • Environment Risk Management - Towards Proactive Sustainability Go to Paper
  • Sustainable Success Go to Paper
  • Managing the Risk During Mine Closure and Beyond Go to Paper
  • An Example of Risk Management in the Global Engineering and Construction Business Go to Paper
  • Post-Mortem of a Solvent Extraction Plant Fire - The Impact on Risk Management for Operations in the Americas Go to Paper
  • Managing Financial Markets Risk in Mining Projects Go to Paper
  • Risk Transfer in a Hard Insurance Market Go to Paper
  • Use of Mineralogical Analysis in Risk Assessment for Coal Mining Go to Paper
  • Reducing Mine Closure Risks - A Team-Based Approach Go to Paper
  • Backing a Winner - Investment Risk in Mining Projects Go to Paper
  • Reflections on Risk and Uncertainty Go to Paper
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management in the Mining Industry Go to Paper
  • Managing Technical Risk for Mine Feasibility Studies Go to Paper
  • Risk Management in the Environmental Approvals Process Go to Paper
  • Risk Factor Experiences Involved in Developing a Uranium Project in Australia Go to Paper
  • The Lennard Shelf Operations - A Real Options Case Study Go to Paper
  • Managing Technical Risk at the Ridgeway Sublevel Caving Mine Go to Paper
  • Management of the Outburst Risk in the Southern Coalfield, New South Wales Go to Paper
  • Managing the Social Risk of Mining Go to Paper
  • Risk Mitigation for Coal Operations - Quality and Washing Perspectives Go to Paper
  • The Feasibility of Applying Virtual Reality Simulation to the Coal Mining Operations Go to Paper
  • Spontaneous Combustion Risk Management in Longwall Mining in New South Wales Go to Paper
  • Due Diligence Requirements for Coal Property Acquisition Go to Paper
  • Quantifying the Economic Risk of Suboptimal Mine Plans and Strategies Go to Paper
  • Applying Risk Principles to the Management of Mining Subsidence Go to Paper
  • Risk Management in the Native Title Era - Negotiation Obligations and Approaches Go to Paper
  • Regional Stability of Underground Mines - A Core Risk Go to Paper
  • Highlighting Project Risk Following Completion of the Feasibility Study Go to Paper
  • Managing Risk at Rapu Rapu, the Philippines Go to Paper
  • Demonstrable Data Integrity of Mineral Resource Grade Estimation Decreases Economic Risk Go to Paper
  • Assessment of Subsidence Mechanisms and Risk From the Waihi Underground Mine Workings, New Zealand Go to Paper
  • Risk Management Practices at Solid Energy New Zealand Limited Go to Paper
  • Using Data to Identify Risk to Improve Safety and Health Performance Go to Paper
  • Queensland's Experience in Implementation of Risk Based Safety and Health Legislation and Development of Future Strategies Go to Paper
  • Redefining the Scale of OHS Problems - Meaning of Risk Through the Mining Project Life Cycle Go to Paper
  • The Application of Holistic Safety and Risk Management Techniques to the Mining Industry Go to Paper
  • Risk Based Closure Engineering for Sustainability Go to Paper
  • A Survey Review and Current Status of Risk Assessment and Management and its Inputs in the Australian Minerals Industry Go to Paper
PD Hours
Approved activity
  • Published: 2002
  • Unique ID: PA-200305

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