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Conference Proceedings

Project Evaluation 2007

Conference Proceedings

Project Evaluation 2007

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In the current climate of major growth in the industry and the acceleration of project evaluation there is an increased need to ensure that the very process of those evaluations are sound and the standards applied ensure their success. Accurate project evaluation is fundamental to corporate success and there is risk and uncertainty of getting capital requirements, operating costs, ramp up period, and product price right. Never before has there been such a need for the industry to ensure that the process and standards applied in project evaluation are sound and to a known quality. Only then will the investor be sure of the most effective capital investment which results in the planned asset deliverables.
The inaugural conference on Project Evaluation brought together those key personnel responsible for undertaking such evaluations and those who rely on them for financial decision-making as investors or as developers. We compliment those companies that were prepared to share review processes that, in part, guard against future mistakes.

Papers in collection

  • The Youga Gold Project - A West African Project Financing Case Study Go to Paper
  • Risk Analysis and Decision-Making - A Case Study Go to Paper
  • Commitment, Compliance and Capacity - How Environmental, Safety, Security and Social Financial Issues Affect Lenders' Risk Go to Paper
  • Values and Value Management Combine for a Better Project Outcome - A Case Study Go to Paper
  • Evaluating All the Alternatives to Select the Best Project Strategy Go to Paper
  • The Use and Abuse of Feasibility Studies Go to Paper
  • Project-Finance Risks - Due Diligence Matters Go to Paper
  • Sampling - A Critical Component to Gold Mining Project Evaluation Go to Paper
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the Interpretation of the Geological Economic Commodity Concentrations is Important in Getting a Mineral Resource Estimate Right Go to Paper
  • Evaluation of Exploration Projects Go to Paper
  • Modern Asset Pricing - A Valuable Real Option Complement to Discounted Cash Flow Modelling of Mining Projects Go to Paper
  • The Role of Simulation Modelling in Project Evaluation Go to Paper
  • Using Stochastic Discounted Cash Flow and Real Option Monte Carlo Simulation to Analyse the Impacts of Contingent Taxes on Mining Projects Go to Paper
  • Life of Business Optimisation - The Mathematical Programming Approach Go to Paper
  • Optimising Project Value and Robustness Go to Paper
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence to Real Option Project Valuation and Mine Optimisation Go to Paper
  • Production Schedule Optimisation in Underground Hard Rock Mining Using Mixed Integer Programming Go to Paper
  • Automated Mineralogy for Ore Characterisation and Plant Optimisation Go to Paper
  • Geometallurgy, Geostatistics and Project Value - Does Your Block Model Tell You What You Need to Know? Go to Paper
  • Performance Testing - When, What and How? Go to Paper
  • Project Evaluation - The Customer's Perspective Go to Paper
  • Emerging Market Risk - Perceptions and Reality Go to Paper
  • Do You See What I See? The Schizophrenic Nature of Project Risk Management Go to Paper
  • Managing the Study Risk Go to Paper
  • A Managed Approach to Project Insurance Go to Paper
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  • Published: 2006
  • Unique ID: PA-200704

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