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Conference Proceedings

Project Evaluation 2012

Conference Proceedings

Project Evaluation 2012

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Project Selection and Process Development for Mining Juniors

Every year a large number of projects are evaluated by small listed and unlisted mining companies that are hoping to find the ideal project, which will catapult them from a mining junior status to that of a mid-tier mining company._x000D_
Usually this includes finding the ideal' or right' orebody and then developing a process which will allow cost-effective recovery of the valuable metals and the production of a saleable product. These dreams are seldom realised and there are a number of good and obvious reasons for this. Issues that are generally high up on the agenda for the smaller companies are: cost of developing a project before the feasibility study stage finding a suitable, or optimum processing technology financing of the project dealing with risk._x000D_
The most expensive part of the development process for the small miner is often the exploration side of the business and finding the ideal' orebody. However, finding the right orebody will not be discussed in this paper. The ideal' orebody does not necessarily solve the problems of the mining junior, as much of the uncertainty lies in the process required to recover and produce the final metal product. Once a mineralised deposit has been identified and the grade at least reasonably qualified, the development of a suitable process becomes the driver to convert the deposit into an orebody. This paper proposes that a small exploration company has a very limited opportunity to succeed if it does not do sufficient homework before it identifies the ideal' orebody. The risk profile for the small mining company, by its very nature, has to be different to that of a major company and as a result the opportunities often lie in managing different and often new process options, which may be the key to bring such projects on line successfully.CITATION:Muller, H and Lorenzen, L, 2012. Project selection and process development for mining juniors, in Proceedings Project Evaluation 2012, pp 149-158 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).
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  • Project Selection and Process Development for Mining Juniors
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