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Conference Proceedings

Sixth International Mining Geology Conference

Conference Proceedings

Sixth International Mining Geology Conference

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Improving Our Understanding of 'Basement' to Help Reduce Related Hazards to Coal Mining

Geological uncertainty is reduced by improved understanding of the relationship between regional-scale geological basement features (structure, composition, depth) and known local structural risk (such as recognised structural hazards at the mine). Coal mining and exploration entities can be more efficient and effective in managing geological risk at a range of scales. A more efficient and effective performance in forward interpreting and managing geological risk will result in a more efficient and effective exploration and also incremental or even significant mining cost improvements._x000D_
In order to improve the understanding of basement features, a new 4D regional structural/basin framework for the Sydney Basin and the eastern part of the Gunnedah Basin has been constructed to provide primarily coal exploration and mining with a more integrated geological framework for ongoing subregional to mine-scale geological risk based studies. The model has been developed from a range of available regional geophysical and geological datasets, of variable detail and reliability, which have been brought together to generate a more robust structural and tectonic model than could be generated with any one single dataset._x000D_
An initial regional structural model for the Sydney Basin was constructed in 2003 and an update to the model was released in 2005 (SRK Consulting, 2003; 2005). The development and ongoing refinement of the model was undertaken with financial and data support from a number of coal mining industry, gas exploration and government organisations._x000D_
Prior to, and following the development of the regional structural/basin model and associated Information Base, a number of more area-specific studies have been completed, using the basement up' assessment approach. The methodology for developing comprehensive structural models, from the basement up, is outlined. The approach can be applied at a country-wide, regional or lease area scale. Case examples of where this approach has been used as an effective and efficient method in improving geological certainty and as a predictive tool to help manage geological risk are also presented._x000D_
FORMAL CITATION:Healy, B, Woodfull, C and Munroe, S, 2006. Improving our understanding of basement' to help reduce related hazards to coal mining, in Proceedings Sixth International Mining Geology Conference, pp 107-116 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).
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  • Improving Our Understanding of 'Basement' to Help Reduce Related Hazards to Coal Mining
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  • Improving Our Understanding of 'Basement' to Help Reduce Related Hazards to Coal Mining
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  • Published: 2005
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