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Conference Proceedings

Sixth International Mining Geology Conference

Conference Proceedings

Sixth International Mining Geology Conference

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Multiple Geological Models

A substantial cost is invested into the data collection phase of any exploration or development program; notwithstanding, it is impractical to expect a database of information can be collated to ensure a perfect geological interpretation. The question then becomes, is there a possible alternative interpretation and what is the likely impact of the variations? Modelling in 2005, of the Cosmo lode at Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, Western Australia led to consideration of the philosophical implications associated with resource management. It was concluded that several plausible geological models could be constructed from the known geological database._x000D_
To varying degrees, this predicament is common to all geological reconstructions, as several alternative geological models can be generated at almost any stage that will impact on the resultant resource estimation and mine plan. The significance of that variation and the associated risk of multiple geological models (MGMs) requires due consideration._x000D_
What is being suggested is that using plausible multiple geological models advances the holistic understanding of a mineral deposit within the bounds of the data collected, providing fluidity for updating geological knowledge and building inherent variability into the design and planning departments where variations of the geological models may materially impact on the resource performance._x000D_
FORMAL CITATION:Robson, S D and Nugus, M J, 2006. Multiple geological models, in Proceedings Sixth International Mining Geology Conference, pp 185-190 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).
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