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Conference Proceedings

The AusIMM Proceedings 1936

Conference Proceedings

The AusIMM Proceedings 1936

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Metallurgical Progress in the Australian Commonwealth

In choosing the subject for my address to you this evening I was actuated by the knowledge that in the past Australian metallurgical problems have been solved by the introduction of extremely interesting processes. Frequently such processes originated in this country, or at least were first adopted here on a large scale.Chronologically there comes to mind the application of chlorination to the Mount Morgan ores from 1888 onwards.Then the application of pyritic smelting to the Mount Lyell ore body in 1896, followed closely by the successful flotation of zinc blend! at Broken Hill, about 1900, and the treatment of the refractory Kalgoorlie gold ores by roasting and cyaniding. With the development of the differential flotation process at Broken Hill came the production of a slime lead concentrate carrying zinc which necessitated the use of a high zinc slag in the lead smelting process. Although previously considered impossible, the necessarytechnique was successfully evolved at Port Pirie resulting in the accumulation of large tonnages of zinc-bearing slag as potential sources of that metal. The past twenty years have witnessed:-(a) The establishment of a flourishing iron and steel industry, with its attendant coking and by-product plant at two centres in New South Wales, namely, Newcastle and Port Kembla.(b) The establishment of an electrolytic zinc process at Risdon in Tasmania.*Presidential Address, Melbourne, 20th August, 1936.
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  • Metallurgical Progress in the Australian Commonwealth
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  • Metallurgical Progress in the Australian Commonwealth
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