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Conference Proceedings

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2019

Conference Proceedings

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2019

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The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2019 was held in Perth on 26-28 August 2019. The overall theme of the conference was Managing Ventilation Risk, and its aim was to improve the health and safety of Australian mine workers.
Papers in this volume cover topics such as direct and indirect elements of metal and coal mine ventilation planning and case studies; main and booster fans; numerical modelling and integration with planning and remote monitoring; occupational health hazard monitoring and management (mine gases, dust, DPM, radioactive dust); heat and refrigeration; prevention of methane, coal and sulfide dust explosions; prevention and fighting of mine fires; detection and control of spontaneous combustion; ventilation monitoring and control; mining regulations, including principle hazard management plans; understanding radiation; and seal-up management.
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Papers in collection

  • Ventilation and workers health: a regulator’s perspective Go to Paper
  • Avoiding repeat incidents – learning the lessons of the past Go to Paper
  • The reasonable location of high drainage roadway to control gas exceeding and spontaneous combustion in goaf Go to Paper
  • Study on turbulent dispersion simulation of concentrative methane emission in mine ventilation network Go to Paper
  • Risk assessment of spontaneous combustion of sulfide ores based on thermal analysis and AHP method Go to Paper
  • Study on distribution law of air leakage in gas drainage borehole Go to Paper
  • Ventilation air methane: a simulation of an optimised process of abatement with power and cooling Go to Paper
  • Ventilation control system multiphase implementation approach driven by safety and production Go to Paper
  • Implementation of energy efficiency and ventilation on demand at the Aguas Teñidas mine Go to Paper
  • Risk analysis of ventilation system design regulations for mines operating in Kazakhstan Go to Paper
  • Study on microstructure differences of coal samples before and after loading Go to Paper
  • Study on the heat removal efficiency of thermal probe on coal stockpile under different arrangement and ambient air velocity Go to Paper
  • Investigation of combustion properties and burning behaviour of Australian Hunter Valley coal dust Go to Paper
  • Mechanisms for spontaneous combustion events in low intrinsic reactivity coals and carbonaceous shales Go to Paper
  • Tracer gas study of nano diesel particulate matter behaviour in secondary ventilation practices Go to Paper
  • Using ventilation to drive mine productivity Go to Paper
  • The influence of atmospheric pressure change principles on gas sampling in mine closed fire zone Go to Paper
  • A study on the performance of novel blast-proof door under gas explosion Go to Paper
  • Impact of where a measurement is taken on the value of a heat stress index Go to Paper
  • A novel approach for predicting the incubation period of spontaneous combustion of coal based on thermogravimetric analysis Go to Paper
  • Robust control of diesel engine particulate emissions in underground coal mining Go to Paper
  • Psychrometric evaluation of workplace impacts upon change to battery mobile equipment from diesel Go to Paper
  • Working toward a better understanding of diesel engine exhaust emissions for underground mines in Western Australia Go to Paper
  • Study on coordinated control and intelligent regulation for the disaster smoke flow in the coal mines Go to Paper
  • Intelligent mining at Huangling Mine, with special mention of ventilation safeguard system Go to Paper
  • Predicting annual underground thermal flywheel effects Go to Paper
  • Effective temperature: is it an effective heat stress management index? Go to Paper
  • Ventilation and gas management strategies for re-entry to Pike River Mine Drift Go to Paper
  • Analysis of methane and coal dust explosion at two stage process using video and image processing Go to Paper
  • Performance analysis of surface goaf hole gas drainage systems and use of CO triggers for spontaneous combustion risk management in Australian coal mines Go to Paper
  • Ventilation of waste and orepasses, tramming routes and drawpoints Go to Paper
  • Ventilation planning considerations for the Carrapateena Sublevel Cave Go to Paper
  • Calibrating model airway size and resistance with survey asbuilt data Go to Paper
  • Accuracy and confidence prediction in ventilation models Go to Paper
  • Selection guide when considering rental or fixed mine cooling plants Go to Paper
  • Study on the effect of seasonal air-flow on high temperature environment in deep mines and its prevention technology Go to Paper
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