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World Gold 2019

Conference Proceedings

World Gold 2019

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Accelerating innovation in the gold mining sector

Recent data indicates that the approach to technology innovation in the gold industry is less ambitious than in other sectors of the mining industry. What are the factors limiting and facilitating the impact and speed of the innovation cycle? Digital technologies and related skills are critical to facilitating gold sector investment priorities of sensing, data, automation and robotics. Not surprisingly a younger generation of managers and operators are more adept at identification and application of innovation and perform better than their older managers at delivering and implementing innovation. Harnessing this capability and taking an open innovation approach may be a game changer for mining operators. What are some of the strategies being applied to achieve cultural change and deliver successful innovation? Data shows small service (or METS) businesses as well as the research sector playing a greater role in driving innovation. In addition to industry wide trends this paper will draw on Gekkos successful experience in the commercialisation of technology. From the viewpoint of a small supplier what some of the successful innovation strategies and factors being applied by various mining business. Gekkos innovation strategy is focused on improving environmental impacts through reduction of footprint and energy and, through collaboration, improving digital outcomes with a particular focus on the gold industry. A summary of the areas of the companys key focus areas and progress will be presented. *This is an abstract only. No full paper was prepared for this abstract.* CITATION:Lewis-Gray, E, 2019. Accelerating innovation in the gold mining sector, in Proceedings MetPlant 2019, p 13 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).
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