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Community Event

South West WA Branch/Geoscience Society - Europe’s geology and mineralisation

Community Event

South West WA Branch/Geoscience Society - Europe’s geology and mineralisation

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Over the last eight years Bob has used his unique EagleEye system to visualise the earth’s deep structural geology. He is building a new structural-geology framework for the Earth.

In this webinar Bob Watchorn will detail his discoveries in Europe to the core-mantle-boundary at 2,900 km depth using Landsat and Seismic tomography plans and sections.

This webinar will explain how this new ability to see structural geology from geophysical images has led to exciting new discoveries and paradigms on the origin of Planet Earth.


Discovery of the different continental scale structures associated with the different mineral and energy deposits. This has huge implications for exploration targeting!
Has shown that brittle structures extend to the core with sinistral movement in all continents.
Late Heavy Bombardment ring structures (to 8000 km diameter) extend from surface to outer core and are particularly prominent in top 600 km.
No evidence of a worldwide Mobile Mantle.
Earth started cooler, with all original constituents at -100 °C, gradually heated up and is now cooling again.
The earth started rigid and only started breaking up perhaps in the Proterozoic.
A different method of brittle (glacier type) Plate tectonics only commenced relatively recently.
A mechanism for this type of Brittle Plate Tectonics is proposed.
There are no lava-lamp plumes – generally lithosphere is insitu replaced.
Planar and ring structures down to Core correlate with surface mines.
Ascending mineralising fluids from Core; supply, scavenge and deposit minerals up their path.
Diamond, metal mine and oil and gas structural geology and targeting can be visualised world-wide.
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  • Published: 04/4/2022
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Unique ID: P-01325-S6X3Z1

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