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CP Application


CP Application

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CP/RPEQ/RPEV application form is available for download via the invoice link provided in the confirmation email, sent upon payment.

How can I apply to be a Chartered Professional?

All applicants must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Hold a current financial membership with AusIMM (MAusIMM or above)
  • Hold a relevant tertiary degree or equivalent to the accredited discipline
  • Have at least five years of relevant work experience within the resources sector in at least one area of practice in the applied disciplined
  • Demonstrate key competencies and a detailed written response with proof the applicant has worked proficiently in practice and the relevant discipline for five years
  • Nominate three sponsors who can verify the applicant’s qualifications and experience
  • Demonstrate professional development during the three years prior to the CP application. There must be evidence by a completed AusIMM online PD logbook with a minimum 150 hours logged
  • Applicants must submit a CV

The term ‘Chartered Professional’ (CP) should not be confused with the term ‘Competent Person’. An AusIMM Chartered Professional undergoes an accreditation process through the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program while a Competent Person must meet a separate set of specific criteria in relation to the JORC code. The AusIMM Chartered Professional Program does not assess this. A Competent Person must spell out the term in full and cannot use the acronym ‘CP’. This is reserved for Chartered Professionals only.

To find out more about what constitutes a Competent Person, view here.


What is the annual commitment for Chartered Professional accreditation?

  • All Chartered Professionals need to be a financial AusIMM member
  • Work in your chosen Chartered Professional field
  • Achieve an average of 50 professional development (PD) hours per year
  • Keep logbook of PD hours


How much is the annual fee?

  • $66 annual fee (incl GST) to retain Chartered Professional accreditation in addition to the annual AusIMM membership fee


How much is the application fee?

  • $660 application and assessment fee (incl GST) per discipline applying, due at time of application
  • $330 application and assessment fee (incl GST) for abridged application
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded $220 (incl GST) of the application and assessment fee
  • Chartered Professional Application
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