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AusIMM awards nomination form

AusIMM awards nomination form

AusIMM Awards nomination form

All nominations are confidential, and it is requested that nominees are not informed of their nomination. Please ensure that you have read the Awards criteria and guidelines.
Names and contact details of two referees are required, please ensure you have these ready to enter on page 2 of the nomination, enter details below and click “Next Step’ to finalise the nomination.
Is the nominee an AusIMM member
Person nominating

Reason for nomination:

Please provide an overview of why you feel the nominee should receive this Award. 

Information useful for the panel’s assessment processes include:
  • What has/have the nominee/s actually done, in which areas and over what period of time?
  • What have been the benefits, to whom or what and how have these benefits been measured?
  • What distinguishes their contribution from others working in similar fields?

Referees will be contacted for confirmation and any additional supporting information where necessary.

When choosing referees, it is very helpful to have a variety including some at 'arms-length' to the nominee; e.g. not just colleagues from the nominees place of work.

Referee 1:
Is the referee an AusIMM member
Referee 2:
Is the referee an AusIMM member

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