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AusIMM Awards

AusIMM Awards

Recognising excellence

For more than 80 years, AusIMM has proudly celebrated members who have made valuable contributions and shown outstanding leadership within the resources sector. The AusIMM Awards recognise the achievements, professional excellence and leadership of many of our talented members working in the mining industry. The annual awards program is an important platform to recognise excellence across a range of categories.

AusIMM is committed to increasing diversity in the industry and welcomes nominations from all professionals regardless of discipline or background.

Nominations for the 2022 AusIMM awards are now closed.


Award category 1: Highest Honours

Our highest honour awards recognise outstanding senior or high-level service.

Institute Medal

Recognises eminent leadership in the resources sector or AusIMM. The highest honour conferred by AusIMM.

President’s Award

Recognises notable contribution to AusIMM or the resources sector.

Honorary Fellowship

Recognises exceptional achievement, service or contribution to the resources sector.

Beryl Jacka Award

Recognises extraordinary and sustained service to AusIMM.

Award category 2: Professional excellence

We celebrate those who achieve professional excellence.

Professional Excellence Awards (3)

Recognise significant contributions to the development of professional knowledge.

New Professional Award

Recognises the contribution by a new professional to the resources sector.

Technical Paper Awards (3)

Recognise technical excellence in published papers and a student paper prize for thesis / dissertation.

Award category 3: Outstanding service

We also celebrate outstanding service to AusIMM or the resources sector by AusIMM members (either as individuals or a group).

Institute or Resource Sector Awards (3)

Recognise consistent and significant service by AusIMM members.

AusIMM Awards criteria and guidelines

Recognise excellence in your network. Find out more about each award category.

New Zealand Branch Awards

The NZ AusIMM branch presents a series of annual awards that recognise excellence and acknowledge significant contributions to the minerals industry and The AusIMM.

The Lloyd Jones Award

The award is presented in recognition of extraordinary and sustained service to The AusIMM New Zealand Branch.

Student Paper Award

The purpose of the Student Paper Award is to recognise excellence in student research in a minerals, economic geology or mining industry-related field.

The GB O'Malley Medal

This award was created in 1987 in honour of GB O’Malley, a long standing AusIMM member dedicated to the development of resources sector education.

I am very honoured to receive this award for my contribution. AusIMM has shaped my career, developed my leadership, and allowed me to contribute to upholding standards. Most of all, it’s my community, my mining family.’

Kate Sommerville

Kate Sommerville FAusIMM(CP)

Institute or Resources Sector Service Award Recipient 2020

2022 AusIMM Award recipients

We are delighted to congratulate the recipients of the 2022 AusIMM Awards. Each recipient has made a meaningful contribution to best practice in our sector, and we are proud to celebrate their achievements.

Past AusIMM Award recipients

Watch the video of our online 2021 Awards Ceremony below, or see the full list of past AusIMM Award Winners.

AusIMM Awards Ceremony 2021

AusIMM Awards Rules and Guidelines

Nominations for all AusIMM Awards close on 30 September each year. To be accepted, submissions including the contributions of all referees as well as the original nomination, are required by that deadline.

The AusIMM Awards have been recognising contributions to the Institute and professional excellence in the resources sector for more than 80 years. First formally awarded in 1935, AusIMM Awards celebrate outstanding contributions to best practice professionalism. The awards help to promote and raise the overall standard of professional practice and send a clear message to our communities that we are committed to the highest standards.

All AusIMM members are eligible to nominate and to be nominated for one or more awards. We encourage members to nominate individuals or groups to recognise and celebrate achievement of the highest professional standards and/or service to the Institute.

AusIMM members may nominate non-members for consideration for some awards. This provides the AusIMM the opportunity to recognise contributions to our Institute or industry from those in related sectors e.g. in the past, nonmember scientists, politicians etc. not in the industry directly, have been recognised for their contributions to the Institute and/or industry.

  1. Our industry is relatively small and accordingly it is expected that nominators and/or referees will commonly have past or current professional and personal relationships with the nominee. Nominators and referees are asked on the forms to describe their relationship with the nominee for the sake of transparency and to ensure no potential Conflicts of Interests occur.
  2. Nominations for other than the paper prizes may be made through the completion of the online nomination form. is the preferred format for submission of nomination. If you require assistance with your nomination, please email
  3. Nominations for the paper prizes can be made directly to Best Paper Prize nominations come only from the conference committee organising committees. The GB O’Maley Medal and AusIMM Student Paper Prize nominations must be made by student authors’ supervisors who will provide a short explanation of why they think the paper has merit and including the date when the paper was submitted for final assessment.
  4. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  5. The nominator must be an AusIMM member, referees preferably so. (Except student paper prizes.)
  6. All nominations are strictly confidential, and it is a requirement that nominees are not informed of their nomination.
  7. All accepted nominations will be considered by the Awards Committee. If required, a request for more information may be made of the nominator and/or referees.
  8. The Awards Committee will make recommendations regarding the Award recipients to the Board by mid-November, for the Board’s consideration at its December meeting.
  9. No name or names of people other than those recommended by the Awards Committee for an Award shall be reported to the Board.
  10. The Awards Committee and AusIMM Board are able to exercise discretion in awarding more or fewer than the awards noted in each category where there is a particularly high or low number or quality of nominations in a given year. This includes the option of no awards in any category.
  11. All unsuccessful nominations shall be reviewed at the beginning of the following year’s process and may be retained for further consideration or discarded.
  12. The presentation of the AusIMM Awards will be made at the Awards Dinner usually held in conjunction with AusIMM’s Annual Congress the following year.

Australian Honours

During the process undertaken by the Awards Committee, it may become evident that a nominee may fit with criteria established for Australian Honours. This is a different and potentially laborious process but necessary for the recognition of significant contributors. Accordingly, where a nominee is agreed to be worthy of Australian Honours consideration, a sub-committee may be formed to pursue this nomination outside of the AusIMM Awards Committee and its normal processes. This committee may be led by the AusIMM but may include non-members where relevant.

New Zealand Honours

These would be led by NZ branch representatives with support from the Awards Committee and AusIMM Management.

Other National Honours

The Awards Committee and AusIMM Management would support such initiatives but could not take a leading role.

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