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AusIMM Awards

Professional Excellence Awards

AusIMM Awards

Professional Excellence Awards

Recognising professional excellence for significant contributions to the development or application of professional knowledge, practice or leadership within a specific discipline aligned to AusIMM Societies.  

These awards may be presented to professionals at any career stage, of any discipline, who have made a worthy contribution to their own or any other discipline.

For example, a geotechnical engineer may be recognised for their contribution to mining; a chemical engineer may be recognised for their contribution to metallurgy; a non-geoscience trained researcher may be recognised for their contribution to geoscience etc. 

The six Award categories are listed below. 

Societies Awards

AusIMM Mining Society Award

AusIMM Geoscience Society Award

AusIMM Metallurgical Society Award

AusIMM Social and Environment Society Award

AusIMM Health and Safety Society Award

AusIMM Consultants Society Award

Award guidelines

Please read the guidelines before submitting your nomination.
  • Nominations for Awards close on 30 June each year. This includes the original nomination, plus endorsement from referee(s).
  • All AusIMM members are eligible to nominate and be nominated for one or more Awards.
  • AusIMM members may nominate non-members for all Awards except the Beryl Jacka Award, which is only open to AusIMM members.
  • Nominations are to be made online using the form.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • The nominator must be an AusIMM member; referees preferably so.
  • All nominations are strictly confidential, and it is a requirement that nominees are not informed of their nomination.
  • AusIMM is committed to increasing diversity in the industry and welcomes nominations from all professionals, regardless of discipline or background.
  • It is expected that nominators and/or referees will likely have professional or personal relationships with the nominee. Nominators and referees are asked to describe their relationship with the nominee for the sake of transparency.  
  • The AusIMM Awards Committee will be responsible for the Highest Honours (3 Awards) and Leadership Awards (3).
  • The President's Award will be bestowed by the President. The Awards Committee and AusIMM Board will assist with nominations and potential candidates. The final selection will be made in consultation with the Awards Committee.
  • AusIMM Societies will oversee the Professional Excellence Awards, consisting of six categories representing each Society's focus. Awards Panels will be established within each Society to review nominations and make recommendations. These selections will then be approved in consultation with the Awards Committee. 
  • If required, a request for more information may be sent to the nominator and/or referee(s).
  • No name or names of people other than those recommended by the Awards Committee for an Award shall be reported to the Board.
  • The Awards Committee may exercise discretion in awarding more or fewer than the Awards noted in each category in any year. This includes the option of no Awards in any category.
  • All unsuccessful nominations shall be reviewed at the beginning of the following year’s process and may be retained for further consideration.
  • Awards will be presented at the annual AusIMM Awards Dinner, usually held in conjunction with the annual AusIMM Congress. In 2024, the AusIMM Awards Dinner will be held in Perth on Friday 18 October.

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