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Inclusive Leadership Practices with Brad Martin

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As a Senior Supply Chain and Commercial Executive with extensive national and international leadership experience, across a variety of industries and cultures, Brad Martin is committed to being ‘visible’ and demonstrating his allyship through inclusive leadership practices such as creating career opportunities and providing positive role modelling and representation for others.

“We know ‘being visible’ takes bravery and also often vulnerability, which aren’t easy practices to demonstrate, especially if you feel that psychological safety has not been established, and hence why diverse representation and ally role models are so important” Brad said.

Brad is passionate about supporting individuals at all levels, but especially creating pathways to leadership opportunities and ensuring there is diversity and inclusion within senior representation.

An important learning Brad shared ahead of AusIMM’s Thought Leadership Panel, is one thing others can do to become an ally is to: “start with understanding or empathy- it’s really important. Educate yourself, be aware and continue to stop, listen and learn”.

A great place to start is knowing the basics and understanding what the sometimes complex acronyms stand for. For example:

LGBTIQA+ is an evolving acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual and the plus includes the spectrum of other identifying terms such as non-binary and pansexual.

A success story from within Brad’s current organisation, Orica, demonstrates how frameworks for psychological safety provided support and education around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), including LGBTIQA+ matters, by establishing a DEI Committee. The Committee is not only endorsed and supported from the top, but championed and run by employees in all roles, and from all backgrounds within the business.

Brad Martin

Vice President Global Supply Chain, Orica
Prior to joining Orica, during Brad’s 20+ year supply chain career, he has held Senior Supply Chain roles in Australia, Asia, and the United States working with Incitec Pivot, Bluescope Steel and BHP Billiton.

We are thrilled to have Brad join the Diversity and Inclusion panel for AusIMM's Thought Leadership Series 2023, where he will share the benefits of allyship in mining. 

Register for for free today to access the Diveristy and Inclusion webinar online from 28 July 2023, or ask Ben a questions ahead of the panel discussion to help shape the conversation. 

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