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Capturing the Highlights from the 2023 Series

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The recently concluded Thought Leadership Series 2023 brought together mining experts and thought leaders to explore and discuss pressing topics under the theme, Sustainable Mining: Shifting the Paradigm.

The four insightful webinars, filmed with an engaged live-audiece at PwC's stunning offices across Australia, provided a platform for individuals in the mining industry to gather, network, and gain valuable insights into critical subjects.

The insightful webinars covered a range of important themes and provided the community with a holistic view of the industry's future. Here is a brief overview of the topics discussed:

  1. The Future Workforce: Approaches to attraction and retention must adapt to meet future demand.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion: An evolving sector needs innovative and diverse thought to overcome future challenges

  3. Critical Minerals: Demand is undeniable but how can the industry sustainably accelerate the supply?

  4. The Circular Economy: The rise of Circular Economy, does the sector understand it, what are the enablers and is your business equipped to maximise the opportunity?

For those who had the opportunity to attend the in-person events at PwC's offices, AusIMM captured the memorable moments with a photo gallery, showcasing the engagement and enthusiasm of the attendees. Check out the photo galleries below:

Future Workforce

Live recording and networking in Perth, 23 May 2023

Diversity and Inclusion

Live recording and networking in Melbourne, 19 July 2023

Critical Minerals

Live recording and networking in Brisbane, 29 August 2023

Circular Economy

Live recording and networking in Sydney, 24 October 2023

If you missed the in-person events, there is still time to watch the panel discussion online. AusIMM is offering access to the recordings of all four Thought Leadership Series 2023 webinars. This is a fantastic opportunity to catch up on the insightful discussions and gain a deep understanding of the industry's future direction.

To unlock your free registration for the webinar recordings, make sure to act quickly, as registrations are set to close on 13 December 2023. 

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We would like to thank our TLS Partners for their support of the 2023 Series 2023.

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