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Giulia Savio on the importance of allyship in mining

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We asked Giulia Savio why the next installment of the Thought Leadership Series; "Diversity and Inclusion", is such a crucial topic and what she is most hoping to see the panel discuss.

What you are looking forward to hearing from the panel?

Practical takeaways of how to apply learnings is what I'm most looking forward to hearing from the Series, specifically how the panel have either implemented actions into their organisations to demonstrate allyship or embedded positive change by sharing their own personal felt experience to support those within the LGBTIQA+ community at work.

Why is the topic of allyship so important?

To be an ally means to advocate on behalf of marginalized individuals. In the workplace, allyship translates to preparing safe spaces, building awareness and providing visual support for minority coworkers. It's important because it's the right thing to do, which is aligned to my values, such as respect.

It is also important as it's aligned to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies, as a key focus area for many of the mining industry organisations that I support- so it makes good business sense, with numerous research pointing to how it drives improved attraction, retention, collaboration, innovation and safety performance.

Guilia Savio will Chair and moderate the upcoming "Diversity and Inclusion" webinar - available to stream on-demand and free from Friday 28 July 2023.

We are proud to connect the brightest thought leaders of today to discuss in depth the importance of allies in our industry, and the role they play. 

Fiona Austin-Weber

Member Relations Director, Diversity Council Australia

Kiah Grafton

Chief People Officer, IMDEX

Brad Martin

Vice President Global Supply Chain, Orica

Julie Truss

General Manager Operations, Weir Minerals
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