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Topic 1: Innovating for success in a digital era


Topic 1: Innovating for success in a digital era

King Becerra

Director of Digital Product Strategy, Weir Minerals.

King's vision is to merge cutting-edge technology with market needs to deliver transformative solutions that advance the mining and minerals sector.

With a profound passion for optimizing industrial operations through technology, King began his career as an instrumentation and process control engineer. His enthusiasm for enhancing industrial processes via automation and digital solutions has fueled his career progression.

Throughout his journey, King has championed the implementation and widespread adoption of digital technologies at the plant and enterprise level. He has successfully launched multiple commercial digital products tailored for the mining and minerals industry, showcasing his leadership in digital innovation using Industry 4.0 technologies. As a committed advocate for exceptional industrial digital end-to-end solutions, King consistently drives transformative digital and business strategies in multinational organizations.

In December 2023, King rejoined Weir Minerals to drive the Digital Product Strategy.  His previous roles include leading the Mining, Minerals, and Metals vertical at Honeywell and various strategic positions in product management and R&D at FLSmidth.

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