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Free professional development resources

Free professional development resources

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5 JORC Code compliance issues (checklist)

Any person responsible for, or contributing to, a Public Report about minerals Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves needs to have detailed, personal knowledge of the JORC Code and its requirements.

Don't risk making mistakes in your Public Report - get the checklist of issues to avoid.

Turning tailings into opportunities: real-world case studies

Explore inspiring real-world examples from Australia, Chile, and South Africa, where innovative approaches have been taken to rehabilitate and repurpose tailings sites. Learn how these projects turned environmental challenges into opportunities for renewable energy production, wildlife habitat restoration, and community engagement.

Cost estimation sample spreadsheet

Access this free sample spreadsheet (example only) estimating the production/development labour cost per tonne for a 500,000 tpa underground mine, as it might appear in a scoping or prefeasibility study, created by Cost Estimation for the Resources Sector course facilitator, Peter McCarthy.

How to optimise instrument location and installation for better data collection in metal accounting

Gain valuable insights into enhancing data collection accuracy in metal accounting processes with this free resource, based on material from the AusIMM Metal Accounting Professional Certificate.

8 mistakes to avoid for JORC Code compliance

In a Public Report on Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves, entities can face serious legal consequences if their representations are deemed to be misleading.

In this checklist, 8 misleading terms that sometimes appear in Public Reports.

Actionable tips to improve your metal accounting check in & check out system

Discover essential insights on optimising instrument location, mitigating interference, prioritising maintenance, and anticipating flow rate variations for precise metallurgical accounting. Revolutionise your data collection for enhanced efficiency and reliability in your mining operations.

4 ways to establish credibility with external stakeholders

Building trusted relationships with external stakeholders is critical for every mining project.

Examine the steps that industry and external parties must take to ensure that ‘independent’ assessment review and certification processes have credibility.

Download this free checklist of four ways to establish credibility and rapport.

Top 5 Challenges in Integrated Mine Closure (and Solutions)

We explore the complexities of long-term cost estimation, stakeholder engagement, and the sustainable transition of communities, providing actionable strategies to conquer these hurdles successfully.

Dive into this invaluable resource to gain insights and strategies that will empower you to tackle the top challenges in integrated mine closure with confidence and expertise.

Competent person quiz

Could you be a Competent Person?

Any Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves must be based on and fairly reflect documentation prepared by a Competent Person in accordance with the JORC Code.

Discover if you may qualify as a Competent Person for JORC Code Reporting with this free quiz.

Your quick reference tool for mine closure preparation

Welcome to your go-to resource for a concise overview of key technical considerations within Integrated Mine Closure (IMC).

This quick-reference tool considers some of the objectives highlighted in module 5 in IMC, which is a component of the overall Integrated Mine Closure process covered in the Professional Certificate curriculum.

Mini quiz – How well do you put inclusivity into practice?

This free self-reflection tool helps you become more inclusive in your thinking and behaviour. Based on the work of diversity & inclusion expert Giulia Savio.

Diversity & inclusion events calendar template

Improve your staff engagement with this events calendar template, designed to: Celebrate differences and common interests, help staff gain new perspectives and appreciation for other cultures, give all team members a sense of belonging.



ESG dimensions and the Source, Pathway, Receptor model

A list of ESG-related matters that you may need to consider at your operation or project, plus a free model for effective operational management of ESG matters.

Technology and decarbonisation webinar

Access this webinar on driving a greener economy through technology and automation in the resources industry. Watch esteemed panellists from Australian Aluminium Council, Ausenco, Everledger, Metallurgical Systems and Fortescue discuss: New and emerging technologies on the horizon; the ever reducing timeline between research and development and commercialisation; the critical role that resources professionals play in successfully managing their deployment. Normally exclusive to AusIMM members, for a limited time only, watch "Technology and decarbonisation" and improve your knowledge.

7 key terms for navigating mining contracts

Mine Operations Managers are often required to review contracts.

You need to understand what should be in a contract, in order to protect yourself and your organisation. Don't get caught out because you overlooked a vital inclusion. Get the 7 key terms for navigating mining contracts.

Performance review framework for mining managers

An effective performance review system is an important vehicle to establish and reinforce organisation expectations for employees – and not just that they’re achieving them, but how they’re being achieved.

Use the performance review framework to ensure the quality of the performance review session, and ultimately the performance of your team for the year ahead.

Coaching for accountability: Conversation guide

A conversation guide to support you in addressing accountability gaps with step by step instruction and sentence starters. Based on the work of Melanie McCarthy, facilitator of the Manager as Leader and Influencer Short Course.

10 ways to enact change and reduce bias in your organisation

Unconscious bias can alienate workers, lower morale and lead to staff exits and knowledge loss.

Helping your team understand their own unconscious bias is the first step to building diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Get the free guide: 10 ways to enact change and reduce bias in your organisation.

Key Aspects of Tailings Facility Stability & Erosion Control

This free checklist, Key Aspects of Tailings Facility Stability & Erosion Control, serves as a practical guide for managing and maintaining secure tailings storage facilities. Based on material from the AusIMM Tailings Management Professional Certificate

Geophysical methods for mining investigations

Discover sensitivities, typical applications, and advantages of different geophysical methods. Based on material from the Professional Certificate in Geophysics for Mining Professionals.

How to use financial reporting to improve operational performance

Financial reporting is a powerful tool for driving operational excellence and future-proofing organisations. In this guide, we'll explore insights shared by Rod Smith, Director & Principal at Beresford Advisory, with over 40 years of experience, on leveraging financial reporting for enhanced decision-making and resilience in the face of downturn. 

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