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Manager as Leader and Influencer

Course commences 26 August 2024

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Manager as Leader and Influencer

Course commences 26 August 2024

PD Hours
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ic_round-star.pngic_round-star.pngic_round-star.pngic_round-star.pngic_round-star.png AusIMM courses rated 4.9/5 (4.5k+ reviews)


Become an effective mine manager with field-proven insights


Quick facts

Duration Delivery Course Type Next Intake PD Hours Language
20 hours
5 weeks
100% online
Short course
26 August
Up to 20

Course overview

From leading teams across remote sites to 24 hour operations, the resources sector offers unique challenges for leaders, underpinned by continuous change, pressure to perform and complex corporate expectations. Reduce the stress of people management while you gain the skills and frameworks to be an exceptional team leader with the Manager as Leader and Influencer short course. This course has been developed by leaders with field-proven experience building and leading teams successfully in the resources sector.

Gain the essential knowledge you need to successfully lead a team in mining:

Critical skills and obligations as a manager

  • Your ethical obligations as a manager, and the risks of unethical behaviour
  • Translating corporate expectations and communicating them to your team

People management tools to unlock high performance

  • Performance coaching to enable success
  • Influence at all levels of the business to create positive change
  • Skills for team morale and engagement, including the right leadership behaviours to use in different contexts and cultures
  • Lead performance feedback discussions effectively

Tools and frameworks to support your path to success

  • Frameworks for continuous improvement as a leader, including reflecting on your performance and asking for feedback from others
  • Manager’s toolbox of productivity techniques and tools, including delegating, managing your energy and time

This course is part of the Mine Operations Manager Core Skills series, designed to support new, aspiring and established leaders develop the skills to lead successful teams and operations in the mining industry.

The Manager as Leader and Influencer Short Course was comprehensive and insightful, covering a range of relevant topics... Real World examples helped to enhance the learning in a practical sense. I have done a little bit of training in leadership however I found this course to recap on areas that I have been familiar with, and highlighted where I needed to focus more on with my leadership skills.

Leanne Brock 

Past participant of the Manager as Leader and Influencer Short Course

I have done two others excellent AusIMM courses: JORC Code Reporting and Metal Accounting. Although, the course Manager as a Leader and Influencer was the best. It has helped me a lot in terms of leadership skills and from this course I can understand the most important coaching and management tools needed for my career. Better than any leadership book that I ever read and better than previous courses. The facilitators were also amazing, polite, calm: truly leaders who we can mirror ourselves.

Eduardo Abrahao 

Past participant of the Manager as Leader and Influencer Short Course

I GOT THE JOB!! They decided no second interview necessary. I was a clear standout in the first interview and had a clear vision for the team and where we should be heading. Package is $178k plus a bonus based on company performance and I can do flexible/agile work and will be paid full time! Thank you!

Previous participant of a masterclass with Melanie McCarthy

Mel has a vast amount of personal leadership knowledge that stems from her years of hard work and dedication to her career. Her leadership development advice is based upon awareness gained through real-world experience and in-depth reflection. Thanks Mel!


Business Manager

When I was facing a staff resourcing shortage & was at a standstill with my ability to progress my projects, Mel was able to teach me how to think outside the box by offering to manage other peoples work loads to get access to the resources I needed. It resulted in me getting access to 2 additional staff members, and making major improvements in to how they could manage their work loads.


Project Manager

Mel's generous, thoughtful, and compassionate approach to mentoring provides a practical and constructive framework to challenge your approach, assumptions and an opportunity to learn.


Principal Consultant

Before the program I was afraid that I didn’t know how to handle certain confrontational situations at work. I wanted a strategy that would allow me to participate in conversations and the personal dynamics of my work environment and to a large extent I have achieved that. My vision before the program was of me working in the back room of my work but now I see myself as someone who is up the front! Thanks Mel, I have enjoyed this and think it has been really valuable for me, when I was probably sceptical about that at the start.


Senior Engineer

I'm walking away from this program feeling motivated and determined to work on the things I learned and improve my skills. I'm also thankful to Melanie for her huge effort and the wealth of experience she shared with us. If you're looking to improve your leadership skills and take steps towards advancing your career, this is the program for you ... I highly recommend it. Melanie, thank you.


Engineer and Project Manager

Enrolments now open

Course commences 26 August 2024

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Limited seats remaining!


Gain PD hours, globally-recognised digital credentials and a huge number of downloadable resources

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Learning objectives

  • Examine and design a personal leadership identity based on values and understand how that impacts your language and behaviour
  • Explain the ethical obligations of managers and the risks associated with unethical behaviour
  • Identify how you communicate key messages that cascade down from chain of command and how that affects people’s morale, engagement levels and business performance
  • Discuss tools available and implement techniques to be a more productive manager who can delegate, coach for performance and have difficult performance conversations
  • Compare differences and practice flexible communication styles in various contexts, considering different cultures and over distance, e.g., site and head office.
  • Recognise how to enhance the quality of your relationships and your ability to influence others to create business results and create cohesive supportive cultures where people feel appreciated
  • Explain what culture is, and the link between strategy and structure
  • Outline the requirements for superior team performance, to ensure that everyone has a personal sense of purpose, and value.

Course structure

The five-week course is a collaborative, hands-on online learning experience, taking learners approximately 20 hours to complete. Please note the live sessions are not mandatory, the virtual classroom will be recorded and available on the same day for participants who are unable to attend the live events.

Course content includes:

  • Live virtual classroom (with replay available)
  • Additional resources and readings (case studies, videos, articles)
  • Workplace activities and peer discussions
  • Group discussion forums
  • Learning activities in the form of short test questions

Who should attend?

• Managers looking to upskill as people leaders
• Established leaders looking for a refresher for getting the most from their teams
• Senior specialists preparing to step into future leadership opportunities

Course pricing

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Enrolments now open

Course commences 26 August 2024

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ic_round-star.png ic_round-star.png ic_round-star.png ic_round-star.png AusIMM courses rated 4.9/5 (4.5k+ reviews) by past participants

Course facilitator

All programs have been developed in consultation with leading organisations in the mining industry, subject matter experts and community leaders to ensure you gain the latest knowledge and develop relevant skills to accelerate your career.

Melanie McCarthy

Former General Manager, Mandalay Resources Costerfield Operations, Australia
Principal - Melanie McCarthy Mentor
Melanie has over 20 years of experience in the industry, having held positions of General Manager, Mine Manager, engineer, and operator. She is currently a professional mentor to industry leaders. Mel was the first woman General Manager of a mine in Victoria and the first woman to hold an underground manager’s certification in South Australia and won the Exceptional Woman in Australian Resources award in 2018.

Throughout her career, Mel has worked in over ten different mine sites, both site and FIFO, producing six different commodities. Her expertise is primarily focused on underground mining and includes negotiating offtake contracts internationally. Mel has also served as a non-executive director for more than ten years.

Mel cares deeply about supporting individuals to become exceptional leaders and is a certified executive coach.

Module 1

Empowering Values-Based Leadership

  1. Identify the different leadership behaviours required as you move from technical to leadership roles and progress in your career
  2. Discover and articulate your own personal leadership values and what’s important to you as a leader
  3. Explain the impact a leader has on business performance by the behaviour and language they use
  4. Recognise examples of the different leadership styles required for different contexts
  5. Analyse a case study on the ethical obligations of managers, and explain the risks associated with unethical behaviour
  6. Assess your current leadership behaviours against your personal leadership values and goals
  7. Commence building an action plan to enhance your personal growth as a leader

Module 2

Demonstrating Effective Leadership Behaviours

  1. Explain key elements of effective leadership behaviour and how they affect team performance 
  2. Consider your own practices and adjust habits to be personally productive 
  3. Practice actively listening and demonstrate this skill in the workplace
  4. Assess your ability to effectively delegate, manage your energy and time 
  5. Utilise tools to regulate yourself when stakes are high 
  6. Introduce additional ways of making decisions in addition to logical analysis
  7. Adapt your communication styles to strengthen and improve communication effectiveness
  8. Explain the impact a leader who is visible in the workplace has on team culture, morale and engagement

Virtual classroom: Thursday 5 September, 12.00pm - 1.00pm AEST

Module 3

Influencing and Relationship Building

  1. Implement tools to build trust and rapport by being curious about other people
  2. Identify techniques to strengthen and maintain relationships across distance
  3. Recognise situations and contexts to adapt influencing styles
  4. Apply appropriate behaviour adjustments for different audiences and cultures
  5. Assess your sphere of influence and identify desired changes
  6. Explain what culture is, and how to change or improve the culture of an organisation through leadership
  7. Recognise ways to communicate key messages from senior leaders effectively to your team

Module 4

Coaching for Engagement of High Performing Teams

  1. Recognise how positive emotion can motivate change
  2. Deduce levels of learning/comfort zones of your team members and identify how this affects engagement and safety outcomes 
  3. Identify elements on how to set clear agreements with people
  4. Provide meaningful, positive, and corrective feedback using a structured framework 
  5. Guide effective coaching conversations to build the confidence and capability of your team members using the GROW model
  6. Apply the ASBIA framework in conversations to hold people accountable for performance
  7. Explain the importance of seeking feedback and identify ways of asking for feedback from your team to improve your own leadership ability

Virtual classroom: Thursday 19 September, 12.00pm - 1.00pm AEST

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