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Advance your career in environmental management

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Advance your career in environmental management

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Looking to advance your career in environmental management?

AusIMM offers world class technical mining conferences, online courses, publications, webinars and interesting articles across environmental management topics to help you build your capabilities and reach your career goals.
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9 ways to build your capabilities

1. ESG and Social Responsibility | Professional Certificate

Gain the knowledge to apply ESG/SR requirements in your workplace following this 8-week online course. Case studies are global in scope and designed to equip you with an understanding of societal and lender expectations.

2. Integrated Mine Closure | Professional Certificate

During the 8-week online course, learn how Integrated Mine Closure can drive significant value to operations; how to assess closure risks; opportunities to realise value and maintenance programs to drive relinquishment.  

3. Critical Minerals Conference 2024

This important technical conference will bring together global experts to review the critical mineral value chain as the world rapidly moves towards a greener, more sustainable future and demand rises for Austrlia's critical minerals. 


4. Tailings Management | Professional Certificate

Developed in consultation with leading industry experts, AusIMM's 8-week online course features global case studies that cover the geotechnical, geochemical, governance, closure and socio-economic considerations of tailings management.

5. Operationalising ESG | Short Course

Designed for leaders in operational and project development roles, this 5-week online course will provides you with an understanding of emerging ESG performance expectations across all stages of the mining cycle. 

6. Life of Mine Conference

This biennial conference (coming again in 2025) showcases leading examples of sustainability to allow the mining sector to address current challenges including rising costs, production pressures, and increasing societal and community expectations.

7. Mine Waste and Tailings Conference

This leading technical conference to be held again in 2025 explores the latest case studies, leading innovations and new developments in all aspects of life cycle rock waste and tailings management, from site selection and design, to post-closure care.

8. Social and Environment Society

AusIMM's Social and Environment Society provides a balanced, informed voice supporting professionals in the mining industry involved in social and environment whilst offering a plethora of professional development opportunities.

Study Processes for Resource Projects | Short Course

Explore the multi-disciplinary components of studies in this 5-week online course. Gain an in-depth understanding of the stages in a project development study process – from scoping through to front-end engineering and design.

Advance your career in environmental management

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More great environmental management resources

Top 5 Challenges in Integrated Mine Closure (and Solutions)

Gain insights and strategies that will empower you to tackle the top challenges in integrated mine closure with confidence and expertise. Exploring the complexities of long-term cost estimation, stakeholder engagement and the sustainable transition of communities.

ESG dimensions and the Source, Pathway, Receptor model

Access a a free model for effective operational management of Environment Social and Governance (ESG) matters, plus a comprehensive list of ESG matters that you may need to consider across your project.

Key Aspects of Tailings Facility Stability & Erosion Control

This free checklist, Key Aspects of Tailings Facility Stability & Erosion Control, serves as a practical guide for managing and maintaining secure tailings storage facilities. Based on material from the AusIMM Tailings Management Professional Certificate.

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