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AusIMM makes submission on radiation safety in Queensland

Harry Turner Government Relations Adviser, AusIMM
· 200 words, 1 min read

Recently AusIMM invited members to contribute their views on the remake of Queensland’s Radiation Safety Regulation.

Radiation risks in the resources sector arise at several stages across the resources lifecycle, including in the deployment of laser technology for exploration and geological assessment, as well as the mining and processing of naturally occurring radioactive materials such as uranium and rare earths.

Reflecting our strong profile with Queensland Government, AusIMM were invited by the Department of Health to make a submission on the remake of the regulations, which proposes a series of amendments to modernise the legislation and ensure alignment with global safety standards.

Thank you to all members who reached out to the Policy team to provide their support in developing a copy of AusIMM’s submission, which you can access here.  

We look forward to continuing to engage members in our work across all levels of government, and encourage members to contact Policy team via to find out more.

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