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Nurturing growth and connectivity: Michelle Morton's journey as a Mentor

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Michelle is passionate about culture change, leadership coaching and development which made her well-placed to share her wealth of knowledge as a Mentor within AusIMM’s 2023 Mentoring Program.

Michelle Morton is the Respect at Work Manager at Newmont and an experienced HR professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the mining industry. 

In this conversation, Michelle shares her motivation to become a Mentor, which stemmed from a career shift in 2022. At this time, she had no direct reports but wanted to share her past experiences to help her Mentee navigate their daily challenges and ultimately elevate their career.

Mentoring has had a transformative impact on Michelle who cherishes the connection it brings as well as the opportunity to celebrate your Mentees ‘wins’.


Why did you choose to apply for the AusIMM Mentoring Program?

I commenced a new role in late 2022 where I no longer had a team of direct reports. It was important to me to still connect with others and share my knowledge and lived experiences. I knew I could guide someone who may be facing similar challenges to the challenges I’d faced in the past.

AusIMM’s Mentoring Program provided me with the opportunity to not only provide guidance, but to build a great connection with my Mentee.

What key benefit can you share about your experience as a Mentor within AusIMM's Mentoring Program?

The key benefit for me has been to network outside of my organisation and hear someone else’s growth story first-hand. Share in their wins and brainstorm the challenges. I’ve loved every minute of the robust conversations I’ve had with my Mentee and look forward to maintaining our connection.

What do you think is an important take-away from your mentoring experience?

Taking the time to share experiences with someone outside of my organisation has been really valuable. To consider what they may benefit from the conversation, when they have no reporting obligation, really forces you to see a situation from someone else’s eyes.  Mentoring someone makes you think about what the key take-aways for them would be before you frame a suggestion or give advice.

AusIMM’s 2024 Mentoring Program

Applications for AusIMM’s 2024 Mentoring Program are now open. Access a life-changing opportunity to develop your career goals alongside an experienced industry leader, like Michelle. Make 2024 your most successful year yet!

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