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Top tips for managing information overload at AusIMM conferences

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AusIMM conferences are a brilliant platform to hear the latest developments in the mining industry, discuss ground-breaking ideas and network with other resource professionals.

Our conferences feature expert keynote presentations, technical sessions, workshops, Q&A panel discussions and still provide ample time to network and build connections to help shape your career.

However, with such a full program over the course of three days, it can be hard to retain all the valuable information you’ve acquired at the conference.

Below are some top tips you can take prior, during and after any AusIMM conference to get the best out of your experience.

Pre-conference: reflect on why

Before you even walk up to the registration desk on the first day, reflect and write down why you are attending the conference and what you want to get out of it. Write down three goals you hope to achieve over the course of the event. These might include creating new networks, discussing a topic with a particular keynote speaker, or asking a question in a session. Just make sure they are clear and specific goals.

During the conference: notetaking and networking

Taking notes is obviously a great idea, but do not let it be your entire focus when attending a session. Stay present in these technical sessions and really take in everything that is being presented to you. Once the session has finished, write down (or if you are a visual person, draw) three key takeaways that motivated you or that you felt were particularly thought provoking.

At the end of the day, go over the three main notes you have taken down from each presentation or session you attended. This will help to retain information but also allow for reflection on new ideas and topics to discuss at the conference on the following day.

When networking, make sure to remember someone’s name. Attendees will most likely be wearing a name tag, but be sure to take note of their name, company and role. This will work wonders when reconnecting post conference. If you want more networking tips, check out our top tips for networking at an AusIMM conference.

After the conference: content on demand

AusIMM’s hybrid format offers on demand content available after the conference to all attendees. Don’t scramble to take notes live – simply re-watch a presentation or read through various Q&A transcripts to reconnect with the information you learnt over the conference period. This support takes the edge off during the conference, so you can be free to really immerse yourself at the event

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