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Top tips for presenting online with AusIMM

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How many times have you started talking on a virtual call and your mic has been muted? What about the awkward delay when trying to share your screen? Now imagine the pressure when you’re presenting to an audience of hundreds!

As more and more conferences and online courses encourage remote speaking opportunities, if you’re looking to showcase your work to your peers it is important to master the art of presenting online. These top tips will leave you feeling more confident and help you create an authentic engaging connection.

Understand your platform

Well in advance of the online event, you should have all the necessary technical aspects ready to help you deliver your presentation. This includes a solid understanding of the virtual platform, and a good quality microphone and camera. A wise idea is to test out all the tech prior to the presentation, make sure you are well lit, there is no background noise, and your internet connection is solid. If you need assistance, the AusIMM team can help test your equipment and provide tips on camera placement and lighting.

First things first…

Make sure you begin with an energetic but professional welcome to your presentation! This first impression is key in setting the tone for the rest of the presentation. A great idea is to ask a question to the group or ask everyone to press a reaction button so you know they can hear and see you properly. This is why testing the tech is important, as it will help you feel confident engaging with your audience.

Embrace the pause

When presenting online there can be a tendency to speed through content as you are not getting as much live feedback or energy from an audience compared to in person. This can be detrimental to the presentation as your colleagues will miss important information if you speak too quickly, or you will brush over key points. Embrace short pauses and take your time, as it’s a chance for you and the audience to develop a more engaging connection.

Down the barrel

Online presentations can host 20 to 200 people on one call, and while you might not be able to see all of them, they can see you. It is important to communicate your message down the barrel of the camera. This can take some getting used to, but it will make the presentation more engaging for your audience as it will look like you are talking directly to them. Before the event you might consider recording yourself delivering your presentation and watching where your eyes go; you could even note in your script or notes to ‘look at the camera’.

Visually reinforce key points

Slides are a fantastic way to get your point across and it is helpful for online presentations to keep your audience engaged. Make sure you simplify your points on the screen, add some visuals and bonus points for making your audience interact with the visual or chuckle.

Summing up

Remember to enjoy presenting online! It may seem daunting, but those listening will be eager to hear your perspective on the topic at hand, especially when you have made a great effort to prepare properly.


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