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Renowned Australasian industry mentoring program enhances mining careers through learning and professional development

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The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) is proud to announce applications are now open for its highly acclaimed 2024 Mentoring Program. Now in its fifth year, AusIMM’s Mentoring Program continues to serve as a cornerstone for professionals in the resources sector, fostering career growth through valuable learning and professional development opportunities.


AusIMM’s Mentoring Program carefully matches industry professionals (mentees) who are looking to advance their career with experienced industry leaders (mentors) who are looking to give back to the mining community by sharing their expertise and providing career guidance with the next generation.

Over the nine-month online program, AusIMM Mentors provide an advisory role to their mentee to help foster their professional growth. Through meaningful conversations, constructive feedback and valuable guidance, AusIMM Mentees will gain knowledge and skills to exert control over their mining careers and reach their full potential.

Applications for the AusIMM’s 2024 Mentoring Program are now open. Mining graduates, mining professionals and experienced mining leaders living in Australasia are invited to apply for mentee and mentoring places.

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